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If you find yourself stuck in a loop when it comes to trading, you’re going to find this article useful. For an amateur trader, it is almost inevitable to fall into a bad phase where you catch some bad practices and realize that you are on a losing streak that seems to be lingering on and on. In such a situation, it is natural to feel overwhelmed. Know more 

While some traders try to work their situation through consistency, others lack that discipline and keep exhausting themselves by moving from one trend to another. A majority of these beginner’s mistakes can be avoided if one uses the right approach and strategy. Awareness of the fundamentals of trading, like intraday trading and the precise processes, often suffices and helps traders remain profitable. 

#1 If you are lost, stop and reflect

The hardest part of trading is admitting you were wrong and knowing that you made a mistake. If you are on a losing streak for quite some time which makes you feel like you’re no longer in control, stop trading because those emotions you feel would do you more harm than good. It applies particularly to when you trade your own hard-earned money and keep losing trades. Instead of bleeding it all away, it’s time to pause and reflect. 

This one’s got to be the quickest way to improve the way you trade as when you quit putting your money at stake, it gets easier to observe the kind of mistakes you could have made or you were making when dealing with a flurry of emotions. The key is to trade with a clear mind. 

#2 Understand that it is an uncertain market

To be able to give your trading style a boost, you must change the way you perceive trading. There are many people who trade without having it clear in their mind what the purpose of trading is for them. A trader is a person who has to make the most of the probabilities and not certainties. Nothing is clear or certain other than the fact that the market would move. But no one can tell for sure what direction it would take. Still, a lot of traders carry out their trades in such a way that they know how the market would move–well, doing this is just setting yourself up for failure. 

Traders need to search for a trading strategy that plays on their own trading edge. This implies that you cannot know for a fact which trade exactly is going to win and which one would lose. However, if you trade using a high-probability method such as price action strategies for a considerable number of trades, you’re likely to be profitable. It’s important to bear this in mind after every trade because all trades are independent and have no impact on the preceding or following trade. You can’t let a win or a loss influence the way you feel or respond to the market. The secret is to adhere to the plan and be disciplined and consistent with your trades. 

#3 Do not blindly follow the news

The news could often get in the way of trading financial markets. By just moving away from all the news and expert comments, be it online or on your TV screens, you’d be able to register major wins by simply trusting your gut and following your strategy. 

#4 Keep a check of your losses with stop loss

When you have a stop-loss in place, it could change the game. Being able to have stop-losses in place at the right time and at the right point could do wonders for your trades as it can help you cap the losses. There are several traders who lack experience and end up placing their stop loss a bit too close to their entries. Now, this turns out to be a mistake since they would have to take the kind of losses that could be easily avoided. 

#5 Position sizing

Not sizing your trades correctly can be detrimental and lead to many issues in your trading. It is essential to understand how you size your trades as it would easily help you in avoiding the errors which you might end up making. 

#6 Be a learner

When you trade–it’s a new day, every day. Take the day as it comes and keep learning as well as practicing your trades just the way a new trader would. The market keeps changing and is ever-evolving and thus, there will always be something new to learn. 

#7 Be open to new strategies

It is good to have a trading plan in place but you should also be open to adapting or opening up to new strategies. It is foolish to keep sticking to an outdated trading strategy when the market has changed entirely. 

#8 Defend your trading capital

As a trader, it is important to keep your trading capital safe. It doesn’t imply that you avoid taking any risk but it means that you keep unnecessary risks at bay so they don’t turn out to be detrimental to your trades. Trading is not a get-rich-quick scheme but rather a long-term investment that demands time, effort, and a lot of hard work. Traders must be disciplined and patient about sticking to the trading rules. 

#9 Stick to facts

The world of trading is replete with rumors which often speak volumes about the trading environment. You should be able to draw the line between actual data and rumored data. Avoid falling prey to feelings or assumptions and act only on the basis of well-researched facts.

#10 Do not lose confidence

The secret to trading successfully is to be confident about your trading strategy even when the market environment feels wobbly. If you fail at your trades, don’t take it personally as it is part and parcel of the experience. Consider it a learning experience and move on. Losses teach you how to work your way into the market and also identify what it is that you’re doing wrong. 

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