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Gold is a commodity in great demand in both the Indian and international markets. However, the gold rate varies depending on the market, i.e. various cities. It varies throughout the year. We’ll look at the gold rate in Nashik, one of India’s most recognized towns. The gold rate today Nashik and the preceding day change because the rate is determined by various factors and fluctuates consequently.

If you check the gold rate today, Nashik, September 22nd 2022, it is 4,603 INR per gram and 46,030 INR per 10 gram for 22-carat gold. Compared to the gold price on September 21st, it has increased by 20 INR and 200 INR, respectively. The 24k gold price on September 22nd was 5,023 INR per gram and 50,230 INR per 10 gram, while yesterday, it was 24 INR and 240 INR less, respectively. 

If you compare the gold rate for 4 to 5 days before today, you can notice the fluctuation. On September 19th, the 22k gold price had a 100 INR drop, while the 24k gold price had a 110 INR drop. And on September 18th, there was a drop or increase in the gold price. 

If you want to observe how the gold price fluctuates throughout a month, on August 1st, the 22k gold price was 47,130 INR for 10 grams, and the 24k gold price was 51,410 INR per gram. It became 47,030 INR and 51,300 INR on August 31st, respectively. Overall, the gold price went down by 0.21%. The gold rate fluctuates at a rate of 400 INR per day. So, why is the gold price shifting, and what variables influence the gold rate today in Nashik?

Factors affecting gold rate today Nashik :

Here are some major factors that affect the gold price in Nashik.

The US dollar’s strength

When the US dollar is strong, gold prices in Nashik decrease because investors prefer to invest in the money rather than the metal. To protect themselves against potential risks, banks invest in gold rather than the depreciating dollar when the dollar falls in value. With increasing demand, gold price increases. Investors tend to invest in the US dollar rather than gold when the US currency strengthens. As a result of which, the gold price decreases.

Interest rates on Fixed Deposits

The most popular investment choice for many millions of Indians is a fixed deposit. Gold comes in second place. Investors prefer gold as an alternative investment choice when FD rates decline. When the price of gold rises owing to greater demand, the price of gold rises as well.

Costs of import

Importing rates also work as a factor in increasing the gold price. Nashik imports a large portion of its gold needs, and because trading is done with US dollars, gold becomes more expensive because of a strong currency.


Purchasing 24k gold price gold jewellery is the most common way for Nashik residents to invest in gold. The downside of buying gold jewellery is that you must pay manufacturing fees, which may add up to 10%. Furthermore, the popularity of designs and trends fluctuates, and you may not get the same price while selling your jewellery. You will be charged extra costs if you do not sell the jewellery to the person you purchased it and instead sell it to a jeweller. Have you heard of FOF before? It is a fund of funds that invests in other gold-related funds, and it is an excellent option to invest in gold through mutual funds.

Buying gold coins is another option to invest in. They are the most popular auspicious occasion presents. When buying a gold coin, always get a purity certificate. Banks sell gold coins but are not allowed to trade in them. Thus you may be unable to sell them back to the bank.

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