Fortune Enchantment Minecraft

The player with the most resources is king in Minecraft’s Survival Mode. To revitalize your gaming experience, you venture out into the wilderness and face a wide range of mobs. The situation isn’t as straightforward in Minecraft as simply picking up a pickaxe and going. Among the dozens of gameplay elements in this superb sandbox title, many options can change the way you play. As one example, it’s impossible not to notice the Minecraft Fortune enchantment, which, when used effectively, is one of the game’s quickest ways to gain wealth.

With each Fortune tier, various objects drop in Minecraft. While Fortune II offers a 25% chance to multiply item drops by two or three times, Fortune I provides a 33% chance to multiply drops by two. Contrarily, Fortune III offers bubbles with a 20% chance of activating multipliers that increase or decreases by 2, 3, or 4 times their initial value.

Fortune enchantment in Minecraft

The Fortune enchantment in Minecraft stands out among a host of different enchantments that include the best ax enchants. This buff gives players’ tools a unique effect that enhances their ability to yield more resources. This is precisely what the enchant’s name implies. As a result, there’s much more than meets the eye regarding the Minecraft Fortune enchantment.

As a result, we will outline the complete guide to the Fortune enchantment in Minecraft here. We’ll discuss how you can obtain it, what tools you can use, and its effects on the game. Without further ado, let’s get to it. A Fortune enchantment affects mining and digging means, increasing their chance of dropping specific items. However, the possibility of dropping experience does not increase.

How does Fortune work?

The Fortune enchantment in Minecraft allows players to increase the yield of certain resources when mining. When applied to a pickaxe, axe, or shovel, Fortune will increase the chances of receiving more resources from blocks when mined, such as diamonds from diamond ore, flint from gravel, or apples from oak leaves.

The level of the Fortune enchantment will determine the magnitude of the resource increase. For example, a Fortune III enchantment will provide a three-times increase in the yield of resources.

It’s important to note that Fortune only affects specific blocks, and not all blocks can be affected by this enchantment. In addition, the Fortune enchantment does not work on blocks that drop experience orbs, such as monsters or crops.

Due to its insane amount of usefulness, Fortune is ranked as a top-tier enchantment, and it is safe to assume that it will remain there. Veterans and new players alike will benefit from it. How does fortune work in Minecraft? Tools (pickaxes, axes, shovels, and hoes) can be enchanted with fortune. When mining/breaking certain blocks with these tools, the number of items increases. In this guide, we will discuss each device on what fortune does in Minecraft and how it benefits them. The enchantment Silk Touch CAN NOT be applied to tools with Fortune III since these enchantments are mutually exclusive.

Can you use Fortune in Minecraft?

The players who like to go mining will find this enchantment particularly helpful, as they will not have to spend much time digging out the entire underground. Effectively speeding up your mining process will allow you to do other things while still gathering minerals. In addition, the Silk Touch enchantment would be better suited to future projects.

Hopefully, you now understand how Minecraft’s Fortune enchantment works in depth. Feel free to check out some of our other guides as well. Besides learning something new about your favorite games, like Dark Souls 3 and Destiny 2, you might discover something you never knew about Fallout 4 or Destiny 2.

Learn more about the Enchantment

Applied correctly, the fortune enchantment requires you to know how Minecraft’s enchanting system works and to be able to access a max-level enchantment area to get the best results. In addition to this, your book or tool will need to be enchanted with Lapis. You, as the player, should focus on Fortune III because it will be most helpful to you.

The best results occur when you have at least 30 levels of experience (the green bar that fills up when you kill mobs and mine ores) and 3 Lapis Lazuli (although you may need more than that in case of emergencies).

Using Fortune III tools are accessible.


Pickaxes are the primary tools you will use most often in Minecraft. Thus, it is natural for you to want it to have the best enchantments possible. One such example would be Fortune III.

A regular Pickaxe will only produce one diamond if you mine a diamond ore with it. With a Fortune III Pickaxe, however, mining gives you a high probability of getting 2-4 diamonds per ore, and this is true of all ores that can be mined with a Pickaxe. You will notice a difference in your survival world once you have drilled for a few sessions, although it may not seem much.


One of the essential weapons in the player’s arsenal is the Axe. In addition, the developers recently improved Axe’s gameplay, making it more versatile. As a result, it can also be crafted to receive the Fortune enchantment. It would help if you did NOT try to run Fortune III over with an ax. Using the Axe to mine a block can be done with the player’s hand, which is useless.

Although it increases the probability of dropping certain things, like Apples (0.5% x 0.8%) and Saplings (5% x 8%), the percentage increase is not high enough to merit putting it on an Axe. The Pickaxe is worth more fortune, as previously mentioned.


The shovel will come in handy if you need to dig up sand, dirt, grass, etc. The ax, as well as this tool, have no use for it. You can only get Flint using shovels if you have Fortune III. That’s because Fortune III shovels in Minecraft have a 100% chance of finding Flint if they are used to mine gravel.

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Hoes are primarily used for farming in Minecraft and cannot be used for other purposes. It can, however, be equipped with Fortune III, and this enchantment only yields one benefit. Additional seeds. This is no joke. When you break grass in Minecraft with a Hoe, all Fortune III does is give you more sources.

The only way this would be useful is if you’re playing on a custom map like Skyblock or are starved for space. The Hoe should NOT be used in the same way as an Axe since Fortune III is more effective when applied to tools such as the previously mentioned Pickaxe and Shovel. The following was an overview of What Fortune Does In Minecraft by VeryAliGaming. Don’t forget to check out Dark Soul 3 Heavy Armor if you’re interested.


  • The fortune enchantment is rare, but how rare is it?

Enchantments such as the Fortune enchantment are not hard to find and can be found frequently on enchanting tables. You will typically see Fortune III on your tools once you reach level 30 of your experience bar.

  • Do you know if there is a Fortune 5 in Minecraft?

Currently, the Fortune enchantment can only be enchanted at Level 3. An item can be enchanted with Fortune III or higher.

  • How many diamonds does Fortune 3 give you?

One block of diamond ore can be mined to give players as many as four diamonds. If players use an enchanted tool from Fortune III, they will have a 100% chance of getting flint when mining gravel.