A lot of factors affect the foundation of any relationship. You must nurture them all so that your relationship lasts forever and is fulfilling. Vulnerability is a basic concept of relationships. When you are in love with someone truly, you automatically become vulnerable around them. This means, you are more prone to emotions that you prefer to keep private. You often end up sharing the most intimate secrets in your life with such people. Many people are apprehensive of this vulnerability and hence run away from relationships. However, vulnerability can have a positive impact too on your relation. Read on to find out all about it.

Vulnerability strengthen the bond

When your partner witnesses your vulnerable moments, how they react can strengthen or weaken the bond. If your partner truly cares, they would do their best to shield you from any weakness and pain caused by your vulnerability. When the partners are close enough to reveal their vulnerabilities to each other, it forms a unique bond between them that will strengthen the relationship over the years.

It helps to earn your partner’s trust

Your partner will be more trusting and reliant on you when they realise you are revealing the most vulnerable sides of your life to them. More often than not, vulnerability gets revealed at the most unexpected moments and are not done intentionally. As a result, it is pure emotion that get displayed to your partner. When they realise you are being so true, they are bound to trust you and respect you more. Trust and respect form the most fundamental pillars of a relationship.

Emotional vulnerability provides clarity in relationship

Often it gets complicated to determine where a relationship stands in our lives. But rare vulnerable moments can become eye-openers and provide a thorough clarity. It helps you to realise the true importance of the relationship and how it may affect you. When one is ready to reveal their vulnerabilities to the partner, it is a big step. Emotional vulnerability as a result, help you to gain clarity about the right decisions for the relationship.

Vulnerability reveals true intensions

Often vulnerable situations can help to reveal the true intensions of the partners. How the partner reacts to your vulnerability or what triggers them will give you insights about their intensions regarding the relationship. Is your partner irritated or bored when you have a vulnerable emotional moment? Or do they console you and try to share your moment and do everything they can to make you comfortable? These are crucial questions to ask and accordingly take a stand about the relationship.

Vulnerability helps to let go inhibitions

Lastly, being vulnerable can finally break the ice in physical intimacy. Once you are past the phase of inhibitions, you can introduce experimental ideas or item like a sex doll in the bedroom. However, take your time and be considerate about your partner’s preferences too when you are stepping things up in the bedroom.

Being vulnerable is not a weakness but a strength when you find the right partner. They can nurture these insecurities and turn them into your strength in the long run. When you can truly fathom the influence of vulnerability in your daily life, can you make the most of it and improve your relationship.