How to make redstone clock

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How to make Redstone Clock in Minecraft? To build a clock made of Redstone, put three blocks made of any type of material in a square with two blocks between them. You can dig one block into the space between your three blocks. Then, place the remainder of your blocks into the holes, and put torches over the original three blocks. Set Redstone dust over the blocks grounded.

If you’ve ever tried to create an electronic Redstone system, you might have been stuck as you tried to get the Redstone’s pulse to continue repeating itself. Continuously turning a lever, pressing the button, or walking onto a pressure plate are not the best options. Instead, it would help if you considered building the Redstone clock. A clock is a part of the wiring that allows the pulse to repeat until you decide to end it. There are a variety of watches you could build to meet your requirements. Many Redstone clocks are version-specific, meaning that what is working in one version might not be compatible in another.

Redstone Clock in Minecraft

A Redstone clock in Minecraft is a device that uses Redstone dust, comparators, and repeaters to create a continuous, pulsing signal. This signal can be used for various purposes, such as powering automatic doors, dispensers, and other Redstone contraptions. The Simple Clock is the simplest type of Redstone clock, which uses two piston switches and two Redstone repeaters to create a repeating signal.

More advanced clocks, such as the Double Piston Extender clock and the Hopper clock, use more complex configurations of Redstone components to create faster and more reliable signals. In Minecraft, Redstone clocks are essential for players who want to build automated systems and machines.

They are a crucial component of many large-scale builds and can greatly simplify many tasks in the game. With their versatility and reliability, Redstone clocks are a must-know for any Minecraft player interested in Redstone and automation.

Required Materials for Redstone Clock

  • Redstone Dust
  • Redstone Torch
  • Lever

How to make Redstone clock? These are the items you’ll need to construct the most basic Redstone clock. This clock was present in the game before many Redstone blocks were added, and it was practical, but it was slow and more than other clocks. To improve the quality of clocks, we’ll have to include the following.

  • Redstone Repeater
  • Redstone Comparator
  • Sticky Piston

Many of these Redstone products can be used to build clocks by themselves. Each watch has specific dimensions and speeds. Certain games can’t maintain the speed of the tick and might be broken. Try varying the speed of your repeaters along with the level of dust that you have in your other players to see whether that resolves the issue for you.

What are the best types of Redstone clocks?

There are many different types of redstone clocks. There will be some that require a slower tick rate, some that fire more quickly, and others that are more compact.

·         Clock with a single torch

As a standalone clock, this is mostly unreliable. In most game versions, the torch cannot be powered off and on without burning out. This is an excellent clock if you want one that turns off after firing about ten times.

·         Multi-Torch Redstone

In this case, it is much more reliable since the game can keep up with the pulses of Redstone to prevent burnout.

A lever allows you to turn on and off an automated system like this, making it very useful for a variety of purposes. As a drawback, it is slow and clunky to wire it up and connect it to anything.

·         The piston clock

You can control the rate at which a pulse is emitted by a clock using pistons, hoppers, and Redstone comparators. Slow down the clock by placing two hoppers feeding into each other and putting as many items as you like into the hoppers

·         Clock for despawning

Despawn clocks are helpful if you want to delay your Redstone pulses for more extended periods. Dropped items are essentially despawned based on the game’s rules. An item despawn after five minutes after being dropped. A pulse will be emitted every five minutes by the clock.

How to make Redstone clock in Minecraft

Step-by-step guide:

These are the step-by-step instructions you must follow about how to make Redstone Clock in Minecraft:

  1. The simplest clock for the game would require three Redstone torches and some Redstone dust.
  2. The clock operates by providing the time needed for every Redstone pulse to shut itself off before turning on. When the Redstone torch powers, each block shuts off, which permits for the subsequent Redstone torch to come on, and so on.
  3. To make this kind of clock, you’ll require an odd amount of Redstone torches. Set up your wiring to ensure that they are in straight lines and do not cross each other, except at corners. The dispenser should be placed in a way so that it can function.
  4. You can put any lever you want within the watch to switch it off and on.

Types of Redstone Clock

There are many types of Redstone clocks that will help with how to make Redstone clock in Minecraft. Specific models require different tick rates, and others will operate more rapidly while others are smaller.

Single Torch Clock

It is not a reliable clock by itself. There aren’t many game variants that let a torch power itself off and switch itself back on without burning, It is possible to reset the clock by replacing any Redstone dust or using an instrument to turn it on and off.

Multi Redstone Torch

You could employ an odd number Redstone torch to run an unstoppable clock in the above example. This is more secure because the game can keep pace with Redstone pulses to avoid burning out.

Piston Clock

How to make Redstone clock(piston clock)? It is possible to use pistons, hoppers, and Redstone comparators to build an accurate clock. You can alter the speed at which it releases the pulse. Two hoppers should be fed into one another and put as many things in the hopper as you wish to slow the speed of the clock.

The more objects in the hopper, the slower the clock’s speed. When the hopper is empty, the comparators outside of the hopper will notice that the status of the block it’s comparing has changed and will emit the pulse. To shut off this clock, empty the hoppers their contents.

Despawn Clock

A despawn clock can be ideal for those who require longer intervals between Redstone pulses. It is essentially a function of the rules of Redstone regarding despawning items dropped. The thing that is dropped will be despawned in 5 minutes. This means that the clock will emit five minutes every time. If the entity ceases to appear after it has been removed, the Redstone torch comes back on, enabling the dropper on top of it.

This button allows you to reset the clock. At some point, if you’re sufficient distance from the watch, it will not throw away an item even if the thing isn’t loaded. By pressing a button, you can restart the process. The dropper is filled with anything you want to stack. Whenever the dropper drops an item onto the pressure plate, the clock will start firing and turn off the Redstone torch until the object is gone. This is useful for sensors that detect daylight as it will switch on lights for you and switch off when it’s daylight outside.

Make sure you use a Redstone torch to the side of your pressure plate to enable the device to function.

Repeater Clock

One of the most miniature Redstone clocks you can create has two repeaters. It is also among the most efficient clocks you could build.

Two repeaters should be placed in opposite directions. Join Redstone to both repeaters and then attach the Redstone torch on top of the other and then cut off the torch as soon as you notice. This creates a unison that the Redstone repeaters can keep an appropriate pulse to provide power to one and the other. It may be necessary to experiment with the speed of these repeaters to make it work.

When the delay was set on the two repeaters, the clock triggered several times, but eventually, it stopped working. It appears that this clock needs at minimum one delay on both repeaters to function on the bedrock version. This clock is very compact. Redstone clock that can fire quite quickly.


You’ve learned how to make Redstone clock in Minecraft and the functions they serve. Different versions can allow other clocks to work. If a particular clock is not working in the specific arrangement you play, don’t worry! There is likely an equivalent configuration for the kind of clock that permits it to work in your particular version of the game.

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