Blue World Trade Center

The Blue World Trade Center (BWTC) is designed to provide a gateway to the trade industry of Pakistan in the near future. The project is also regarded as the first trading skyscraper in Pakistan, containing all the facilities and commodities to help international and local traders expand their business. In addition, the project is also well-known due to its prime location and access from Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Let’s get to know more about the Blue World Trade Center.

What is the Blue World Trade Center?

Blue World Trade Center is the first twin tower structure proposed by BGC-IGC Consortium in Pakistan. It is located in the most desirable location in Rawalpindi. It is a smart building structure with 23 floors equipped with modern amenities and facilities to boost convenience and business pleasure. 

BWTC is on the Bahria Paradise Commercial, main GT Road, Rawalpindi. Due to its prime location, it is easily accessible from the Islamabad Expressway and other areas of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. It is the first innovative business hub designed with lavish amenities that make trading activities more practical and comfortable.

Location of BWTC

Blue World Trade Center Location is the main aspect of investing in this project as it has a prime business location. The location of BWTC is accessible from the Grand Trunk Road, which enjoys high popularity. Blue World Trade Center is located only a few minutes distance from the renowned business districts of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The distance from BWTC to other popular points is as follows:

  • 10 minutes ride from PC Hotel
  • Two minutes distance from Bahria Town Hospital
  • 15 minutes away from Rawalpindi Railway Station
  • Near Islamabad International Airport and Bahria Town
Blue World Trade Center Location
Blue World Trade Center

Owners And Developers

The owners of BWTC are the Blue Group of Companies that have the right to develop one of the highest quality buildings. The company was developed in Lahore and is composed of companies such as Blue Media, WPZ, Blue Brick, Blue Palms, Brands Square, Artimmix, and Blue Properties.

The trade center has the best reputation as it gains the trust of investors and customers. So, in the real estate market, it is the best capable and reliable company. And the developers are among the top five real estate developers with a worldwide presence.

The company is dedicated to establishing its name and reputation in real estate marketing through art-of-the-state construction, IT services, and industrial publishing. The trade center also holds clothing brands and luxurious outlets with almost 300 individuals in numerous fields.

The Blue Group of Companies’ owner is Mr. Saad Nazir, whose main aim is to aid thousands of individuals and diversify the real estate industry of Pakistan. In addition, the establishment ensures that after the project’s completion, there will be job opportunities for thousands of individuals.

NOC Status of BWTC

The priority of any organization is its authenticity, so similar is the case of the Blue World Trade Center. The trade tower has become legalized and authentic from the Bahria Town coverage. So, the best thing is that the Blue World Trade Center NOC is approved, and the twin towers offer a great opportunity for investors to increase their growth under one roof. 

The proof of their accomplishment and success is the Bahria sector. So, we can say that the Blue World Trade Center is the most trustworthy and reliable project where you can enjoy the advanced era of business portals and commercial hubs on international standards.

Payments Plans Of BWTC

Blue World Trade Center Payment Plan offers great opportunities with easy installment and affordable payment plans. The payment plan of the BWTC focuses on grand corporate offices and glamorous shopping malls. The purpose of the trade center is to provide a professional business platform where people can invest today and get high returns on investments in the future. The investors have to pay only a 25% down payment for booking in the trade center.

Blue World Trade Center Payment Plan
Blue World Trade Center Payment Plan

Facilities And Amenities

These trade towers have become the first international standard business hub and shopping mall with meticulous facilities. The trade center is a well-designed masterpiece with all the contemporary amenities and conveniences. It provides all the business facilities, services, and an amazing place for entertainment.

The trade center developer aims to construct the basic facilities for entertainment so that it can become the first choice of tourists. There will be restaurants, recreational areas, food courts, and many other things one could demand. Let’s get to know a few of the Blue World Trade Center amenities.

Spacious Car Parking

A spacious and ideal car parking will be established that will facilitate not only the investors but also the visitors and employees. The area dedicated to car parking is 1, with 2 basements reserved for that specific purpose.

Shopping Malls

The management of Blue World Trade Center has launched all the international and national top-notch brands to make the shopping spree meticulous. The trade center has spacious space for outlets with a marvel interior that makes the shopping experience more luxurious and satisfying. Multiple blocks will define the sparkling selection and extravagant commercial outlets. So, it is an addition to the glamor of the shopping experience.

Corporate Office

The corporate office is one of the best Blue World Trade Center amenities for professional work purposes. The corporate office is neat and clean with a proper air-conditioned workstation for the comfort of the employees. There will also be the accessibility of Wi-Fi in the employee workspace. The corporate office will have a lounge room so the employees can relax during their break.

End Note

The Blue World Trade Center is Pakistan’s first and largest property exchange trade center. The purpose of its development was to establish a property development hub in the country. The center has a multiple-use innovative design with numerous luxurious facilities and amenities. The trade center will surely enhance business productivity and functionality at a vast level. Blue Group of Companies always provides the best investment opportunities in projects such as Blue World City and Blue World Trade Center.