Personal Statement Service Birmingham
Personal Statement Service Birmingham

Objectively speaking, studying abroad can add much to the academic career if the economy and ability allow it. When applying for a school, the school will require proof of language proficiency, academic performance, and a personal statement; proof of language proficiency and academic performance are just numbers and thresholds. It is a study plan and a personal statement. This personal statement is a critical material for applicants to introduce themselves to their future bosses, and the reviewers expect to see all the personality traits that numbers cannot.

The personal statement is the only opportunity for the judges to see your potential and assess your suitability for the overall environment. Especially American universities, how many applications do they receive every year? The number of applicants with high scores in both language ability and grades far exceeds the number of admissions. The so-called essay is like a person, and the personal statement represents the applicant’s thinking. Just imagine that the review committee wants to accept you. Only an excellent personal statement can make him have a point of view. The other judges defend you, showing how you are better suited than others to do research with them.

An excellent personal statement cannot be summed up in one word. Still, it will make the judges summarize the personal statement you have eliminated: perfunctory, too complacent, not confident enough, and the personal statement is very different from other achievements. Applicants are likely to leave reviewers interested.

Personal statements can be used in many applications, from studying abroad to applying for universities, master’s and doctoral programs, post-doctoral fellowships, and finding jobs. The following 10 points are practical teaching manuals—

1. Make the following list of essentials: Personal statements don’t need to be well-written, don’t miss what should be said. Before you start writing, think carefully about the following points, and list the details of each point in an orderly manner to sort out your strengths and weaknesses.

2. Why you chose this research topic: Present your thoughts on the subject and future research topic, and convince the judges concisely that you know what you want to do.

3. Why choose this school/department: There are many different research topics in the same major, and each university has different specialties. Let the judges know you know their specialties, and don’t waste each other’s time.

4. Introduce your ability to add points to research: In addition to professional research ability, the auxiliary ability is also the reason why a research team wants to accept you, such as mathematics, statistics, programming, drawing, photography, and other skills related to data collection are also very important.

5. Describe your characteristics: Many humanities majors require different perspectives and observations on the environment and research topics and can add personal experience across cultures and fields at this time.

6. Vocational student planning: Regardless of whether they are excellent, some students who study abroad and do a Ph.D. will give up or change careers. Students who have a clear career plan from the beginning can at least give the judges the confidence to choose them.

7. What difficulties have you overcome: this is a bonus project, don’t forget it if you don’t have it, and don’t be self-defeating. The applicant is in his teens or twenties. If they have overcome difficulties in life, they have a powerful personality.

8. Customize a personal statement for the school/department you are applying for: Studying abroad usually involves applying to multiple schools. After preparing a general personal statement, you should edit it in a targeted manner for different schools/departments to make the reading judges feel you are as good as possible. You know them well enough to achieve the utility of a personal statement.

9. Integrate paragraphs: This is an article with good segmentation and editing, each paragraph should have a point, and all points should point to their strengths.

10. Find someone to read more: Everyone has blind spots and works hard to overcome them. Ask your school teacher to read your general draft, adjust the general direction, and finally, ask friends and family to read each customized personal statement for you. If you don’t want to get it done by a friend or family, then you can get Personal Statement Service Birmingham done, which is also one of our recommendations.

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