Get More Customers for Your Dog Grooming Business

Last Updated on April 15, 2024 by Ali Hamza

Pets are extremely important to their owners. Take any animals: dogs, cats, rabbits, or elephants. They can feel like a best friend, companion, and even a child. At the same time, we have dog groomers. Dog groomers are extremely busy with regular appointments, products to order, meetings, and marketing! If marketing isn’t your expertise, do not fear! In this piece, we have curated ways for you to get more customers for your dog grooming business. 

Pets, especially dogs, have a special place in most people’s lives. Whether you’re a dog owner or run a dog grooming business, you know these furry little guys need our special attention. To maintain your dog grooming business it’s important to retain the existing clients but also attract new ones. This raises the question – How to get more customers for your dog grooming business!?

Create First-Time Visit Offers

Targeting new customers should always be your top priority. You can create special discounts, deals, and additional services for those who visit you for the first time. The offers can be displayed on your website, social media, store, and through other mediums to increase exposure. For example, a free haircut with washing service for first-time visitors. 

Rent A Booth At A Pet Show

Keep an eye out for the events organized in your area. Every year or quarterly, every city holds dog-themed events in their areas. From national dog shows to statewide competitions and breed-specific meetups. As a dog groomer business owner, you can apply and rent a booth and meet local dog lovers. 

Not only pet shows there are other events to take part in. Whether it’s a fair, a local gathering, a marathon, or any other pet-related event. Go and advertise your business, bring plenty of freebies and marketing materials and hand them out to interested locals. 

Create A Website or Improve the Existing One

It’s vital to have an online presence for your dog grooming business. Whenever you’ll have the ich to start promoting your business online, which is a must in this hyper-connected digital world the first thing you’ll need for that is to build a website. 

A professional website will come in handy when your potential customers will search for online dog grooming services and will land on your website. Start with your website and add every detail about your business there – portfolio, pictures, services, customer testimonials, location, or other pet-related products you sell. 

List Yourself On Google Map

It’s a fact, Google is the most used search engine. It holds more than 50 percent shares of the search market, shouldn’t this reason be enough to list your business on Google maps! Since we know now that Google is the place where the majority of people search for businesses like vet clinics, groomers, pet boarding centers, or other pets-related information. Some extra advantages Google Business can offer:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Better customer conversion with online reviews
  • Easy access to contact and location
  • More opportunities to reach new customers

Make sure all your information on Google is always updated and displays original rankings and reviews. Also, make sure to reply to the comments and reviews within a day or two. 

Use An Effortless Booking System

Having an online booking system at your hand is essential to get more customers for your dog grooming business. Having an online booking system and giving your clients the freedom of picking slots according to their convenience is the way to make your clients happy as a dog with two tails. 

Consider using Picktime, online web-based pet services scheduling software. Picktime gives you an online self-scheduling site, a personalized booking page, and a book now button for your website. Picktime is the master in task and staff management. With Picktime you can also view a detailed end-to-end report of all your business activities on a daily basis. You get access at multiple locations with automatic SMS and email reminders and 24×7 email support. Add your whole team and the services Picktime will handle all your payments and invoice generation. 

Sync your calendar (Google/Apple/Outlook) with the Picktime calendar and never miss a meeting. To know more about these exciting features, sign up for free today!

Strong Social Media Presence

Building your online presence doesn’t stop at building a website. Let’s create social media handles and get more customers for your dog grooming business. Facebook, Tik Tok, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest. If you’re confused with this many platforms, pick one for starters and start working. Everyone loves to see cute animals in their feed, so why not take advantage of the situation? 

It will not take much of your time, only one post, video, or reel a day. For dog groomers even one basic “Before” and “After” picture post can do wonders. Not only people will love to see  happy furry creatures, they’ll get an idea of doing the same for their pets and who’ll be their first approach for that! Can you guess?

Reward Your Loyal Customers

Since the dawn of businesses, it’s been a proven strategy! Customers like to feel pampered and appreciated. It’s the best idea for retaining the existing ones and getting word-of-mouth marketing from them to get more customers for your dog grooming business. You can achieve this very simply with a loyalty reward plan. 

For instance, every time any customer reaches a particular number of appointments offer them the next free of cost. Give them a free entry pass for any dog show event. Or any other freebie would also work. 

Partner Up With Similar Businesses

Consider adding another form of marketing to your grooming business – a partnership with local pet shops. Ask them if they want to exchange favors in terms of advertising and help you in broadening your customer base. Building these relationships will give you excess to a broader client approach. If you have local pet shops or veterinarians near you, consider connecting with them and asking them to advertise your grooming business. You will also get them some business from your existing clients, it’s a win-win for both. 

Design Promotional Products

We just talked about this, who doesn’t like free stuff?

Start creating promotional products bags, keyrings, collars, stickers, or matching t-shirts for dogs and their owners. Basically, any product that will help you increase profits and get you more customers for your dog grooming business. This will help you market your brand name and increase your outreach. 

Ask For Referrals

Referrals are like email marketing, they’re the gold mine when it comes to marketing and getting more customers for your dog grooming business. You can reach new clients through your existing customers by using a referral program. When you start a program of lower prices or free merchandise more people will want to connect with you eventually improving your client ratio.  

And there you have it, tips for your dog grooming business. Always remember working on your business idea and marketing plan doesn’t always require top-notch planning and a high budget – you just need to follow some basic steps and before you even realize it you’ll be at the top of your industry.