Thirsty? Drink water. Feeling unwell? Check your health. Want to attend a call? Slide to answer. 

These are the new phrases which are heard these days and are associated with a small portable device on the wrists that have made the world revolve around it. Especially, the prices of the best smart watch under 5000. 

Smart is the new trend, everyone wants to look smart, wear smart and speak smart. In this world of smart technology, one thing which is the talk of the town currently are the smart watches. Everyone wants it, desires it and is looking for opportunities to buy it. 

Men today have started taking more interest in modelling & influencing and are much more inclined towards the fashion industry. And as far as fashion accessories for men are concerned, watches have always been on top of the list. In terms of smartwatches, there are wide options available for men and currently, there are some of the best smart watch under 5000.

This post is all about the best smart watch under 5000 which you can buy and make yourself happy with its best features and services which makes it a profitable investment. 

List of 5 best smart watch for men under 5000 is as follows: 

1. Noise ColorFit Ultra 2 Buzz Smart Watch

NoiseColorFit Ultra 2 Buzz smart watch lets you connect with the world most flexibly. With all the premium functions, the watch keeps you updated about your daily schedules and upcoming events. With more than 100 sports modes you can choose your favourite mode and rest, it will take care about how to keep you active and healthy. The always on screen mode keeps you updated about your routine activities to keep your health in check. 

2. Trebel Watch Matrix

The Slim and premium design of the Trebel Watch Matrix will surely attract you to it. The sleek metal body and elegant colour of the watch are the USP for the buyers, this best smart watch under 5000 is probably the best health tracker ever invented by Boat and has been bought by many who are into health and fitness other than showing your heart and BP rate, this watch also alarms you at regular interval to keep yourself hydrated with food and water.

3. Fire Bolt 

Fire Bolt smart watch is for sports enthusiasts who are completely engaged in outdoor and indoor sports activities. Its various sports modes help you decide your day’s activity and accordingly the watch prepares you to get ready for hustle. Other than this, it has all the necessary apps which are available on phones and can be easily accessible through this best smart watch under 5000. A battery backup of more than 6 days is enough to influence you to buy this watch. 

4. Amazfit Bip 3 Pro 

AmazFit is the new smart watch brand in the market which is gaining pace gradually by launching various smart watches under budget. Amazfit Bip 3 pro is the greatest of all as it has maximum features and functions at a minimal price.The attractive function of .this best smart watch under 5000 is the sleep tracker. It updates you about your sleeping patterns daily which is a plus point. 

5. Pace Pro Smart Watch

Pace Pro Smart Watch is the new budget-friendly watch introduced in the market, especially for people who like to be trendy and walk with fashion. Having all the basic key features along with a metal body and silicon straps, is the best smart watch under 5000 you could ever own, the reason being that it is a win-win situation for you in the end. You get such an amazing smartwatch that too under your budget is nothing less than earning a great prize.

All the men out there, what are you waiting for, head out and buy your best smart watch for men and give yourself a trendy fashionable smart watch that you desired once upon a time!