Certain occasions in life demand big celebrations. Whether it’s your anniversary, birthday, wedding, pre-wedding festivities, or a proposal, renting a party boat for the first time can give you real chills. However, it is an excellent way to celebrate your special day with your friends and family. If you’re planning to rent a party boat in Toronto, we have you covered. This article highlights the top 6 expert tips to Rent a Party Boat Toronto for the first time. Let’s dive in!

6 Expert’s Tips for First-time Renting a Party Boat in Toronto

1. Reserve Your Boat in Advance  

During the summer season, the marine gets extremely busy, making it difficult to get a slot. Thus, it is recommended to reserve your party boat in advance. On D-day, plan to visit at least 30-40 minutes before onboarding so that you can take care of all safety measures and complete the paperwork. This ensures that you can enjoy your boat party to the fullest.

2. Choose the Right Boat

Choosing the right boat that meets your needs, fits all your guests, serves the best meals, and follows your theme is important to add life to your party. Thus, when it comes to partying on a boat, size is an essential factor. For example, a sailboat is an excellent option if you have a party with your close knit people. For medium gatherings with around 30 people, you can rent a catamaran.

3. Have a Safety Plan

When renting a boat, safety needs to be your number one priority. Ensure your boat carries all safety equipment like a life jacket and others for emergencies. Additionally, there should be a first aid kit to provide relief instantly. As the host, you should inform all the guests of different safety rules and regulations and plan which needs to be followed.

4. Choose from a Reputable Boat Rental Company  

If you are renting a boat, rent from only reputable boat rental companies who can guide you throughout the decision-making. Talk to their past clients and rely on referrals to get an insight into the overall service and the experience. You can also read online reviews or testimonials.

5. Beware of the Rental Cost

There is nothing like sailing on the open water under the sky. However, choosing the right boat that fits your budget is critical. With hundreds of models available, you may get confused. Additionally, factors like boat type, geographical location, membership, season, and renting period affect the overall pricing. Before making any final decision, ensure you compare the different boats’ prices and do not exceed your budget.

6. Choose the Perfect Location

An ideal location can make all the difference in your boat party. Thus, spend enough time picking the right place. You can also consider Yacht Rental Cancun, as it makes the perfect backdrop that adds a fun vibe to your party. 

3 Important Questions You Must Ask When Renting a Party Boat

Q.1 List the top benefits of renting a party boat

Some of the benefits of renting a party boat are:

  • Renting a boat offers a unique and memorable experience. 
  • Promises mesmerizing scenic views. 
  • Enough space and comfort to accumulate everyone. 
  • The boat’s ambiance can be customized. 
  • Renting a boat offers complete privacy. 

Q.2 What is the average cost of renting a party boat in Toronto?

If you are planning a boat party in Toronto, the average cost of renting is around $1000 to $5000. This cost fluctuates due to total hours spent, number of guests, decoration, food options, and more.

Q.3 List the top 5 common types of boat rental options to consider

The top 5 common boat rental options include Pontoon Boats, deck boats, fishing boats, ski boats, and Cabin cruiser boats.

Wrapping Up!

If you rent a boat for the first time, you may get overwhelmed with the options available. By following these top 6 expert tips, it becomes easier to Rent a Party Boat Toronto!