cbse schools in whitefield bangalore
cbse schools in whitefield bangalore

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It becomes a concern for parents to select the best education board in the early years as it defines their child’s overall development from the moment they start their formal education.

Selecting a board or curriculum for your child can be a laborious process that requires great thought. Therefore, we have listed a few factors that parents should take into account when choosing the education board in the schools in Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore.

1. Basic Subjects

The primary focus of CBSE curricula is on essential courses like science and mathematics, which makes it simpler for pupils to concentrate on subjects that can aid in their preparation for competitive exams.

2. Exams for Competitive Entrance

Because the CBSE curriculum is followed by India’s competitive admission exams like IIT-JEE, PMT, NDA, CDS, and other Defence and Civil Services, a child’s decision to study overseas won’t be a barrier to seeking further education.

The Advantages of Selecting the CBSE Curriculum Include

The advantages of the CBSE curriculum are numerous and are outlined below.

1. Value

It employs an integrated strategy to instil values in students and aids in the development of whole individuals.

2. Extracurriculars

The evaluation technique is centred on extracurricular activities like co-curricular activities, life skills, attitudes and values, and health and physical education.

3. Student-friendly Curriculum

CBSE is regarded as being student-friendly, and the top CBSE schools in Whitefield Bangalore offer a programme that is centred on the needs of the students, making learning exciting and new for them.

4. Uniformity of Curriculum

Since the board is uniform, the curriculum will not alter if you decide to transfer to another CBSE school in another state or nation.

5. Career-oriented

The CBSE also offers a career-related curriculum that aids students in obtaining the technical skills and information needed for the profession.

6. Scientific Method of Assessment

The schools in Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore use a scientific method of assessment, requiring pupils to take just one exam for each subject, relieving them of exam anxiety and allowing them to fully engage with the material. The test design and evaluation system used by the CBSE board are based on an international model, which gives pupils an advantage during their future further education.

7. Allows Easy Relocation

Compared to other boards, it is much easier for parents to move cities when their children need to attend an international school in Bangalore because so many schools in India are associated with CBSE.

8. Focus on Linguistics

Unlike other boards, which concentrate primarily on English, CBSE places equal emphasis on the Hindi and English languages.

Exams & Assessment for CBSE

The CBSE does not administer three exams annually like other boards. Their system of evaluation is different. In 2009–10, CBSE unveiled the CCE pattern. Continuous means that the assessment must be completed every day to regularly diagnose the challenges that kids confront. Comprehensive means that all cognitive, emotional, and functional elements should be evaluated. The evaluation is carried out over the course of the year in the form of Formative Assessments (FA) and a final exam known as the Summative Assessment (SA).


The CBSE curriculum is designed for a student’s well-being and is organised to lessen stress and foster interactive learning. The emphasis is on giving kids the chance to develop key life skills and, most importantly, to love learning. Your child would benefit from taking the CBSE courses at cbse schools in whitefield bangalore, which provide a top-notch, value-based education under the direction of eminent academics and is renowned for delivering consistently superior results year after year. If you are looking for the top CBSE school in Bangalore for a child in your home, you should think about finding them a suitable school that will prepare them for the fast-paced world of today.

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