There are a few local food delivery system services that are making their mark in Pakistan. Delivery Hero’s Foodpanda and homegrown Eat Mubarak both serve as food aggregators and platforms that let consumers order from local restaurants and couriers to get them delivered right to their homes. In Karachi, there is also Careem Now, which features a range of local F&B outlets.

The Clickoot Food Delivery System in Pakistan

Clickoot is a food delivery system in Pakistan that allows you to order food online from many different restaurants in the country. You can order anything from fast food to gourmet cuisine. The system is free and easy to use. You can even order groceries from different stores. The convenience of using this system makes it a great choice for busy professionals or families.

Gulvash Khan6

Gulvash Khan has left her corporate job to pursue a new venture, building up a food delivery system in Karachi. She talks about the challenges of running a business and how she overcame them. She also shares her fears and solutions to common problems.

Khan has a tough life. His wife has health problems and has to take care of two young children, and his parents are elderly. He sends money to his parents in Pakistan every month. This allows him to work and provide for his family.


Careem is set to launch its food delivery system service in Lahore in the next few days, and it plans to expand into Islamabad by December 2020. The launch of this new service will be good news for Pakistan’s growing e-commerce market. The company first teased the launch with a video shared on social media. It showed a white drone buzzing around Karachi. The drones were then tested in Lahore and Karachi on June 10. In February, Food Panda announced that it would deliver food by drone.

After establishing a successful ride-hailing service in Dubai, Careem is now expanding its service into the food delivery system in Pakistan. The company has invested $150 million in this new service and plans to expand into pharmaceuticals and other markets. It will be run independently of its ride-hailing business, with its own app and dedicated call center.

Eat Mubarak

Careem has launched a drone food delivery system service in Pakistan, hoping that the new technology will boost the country’s burgeoning e-commerce industry. A teaser video on social media showed a white drone buzzing across Karachi. A test version of the service was launched in Lahore and Karachi on June 10. Earlier this year, food delivery startup Food Panda said that it would use drones to deliver food.

The food delivery business in Pakistan is becoming popular among the working class and students. As a result, different food chains are pushing their services through various social media platforms. These new on-demand food delivery services are offering special mealtime deals to entice students and other consumers.


As Foodpanda begins to build a food delivery system in Pakistan, the question remains: Will it be able to compete with the established food delivery services? Uber, for example, is not a new player in Pakistan, but its recent acquisition of Careem puts it on the map. The ride-hailing company has a large user base, technology, and financial backing to compete with Foodpanda, and it has publicly supported the establishment of restaurants in the country.

Despite the competition, the food delivery system business is tough. Managing cash burn, marketing, and timely deliveries are all difficult tasks. As a result, food delivery system businesses often bleed cash. As a result, an increasing number of competitors are launching in the global market. Some of these companies are now competing in Pakistan, including Careem, backed by Uber, and Foodpanda, which is a subsidiary of Delivery Hero.