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It’s not a good idea to second-guess your choice of upholstery fabric for a new couch or armchair a few months after the furniture comes to your home. You’ll have to fight snags and stains if you choose the incorrect fabric. If you choose the wrong colour scheme or pattern for one upholstered item, the whole room will look bad (or you’ll have to spend a lot of money having it redone). Read on to find out things to consider regarding durability, comfort, and style when selecting new upholstery fabric. Here’s how to cut down your options and settle on a fabric you’ll love for years.

So, Exactly What Is Upholstery?

Fabric, padding, webbing, and springs are all examples of upholstery, which is the term for the soft coverings of chairs, couches, and other pieces of furniture. This method gained traction in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries after its inception in the Middle Ages. Materials are as diverse as hay, horsehair, and wool have been used at various historical points. Modern upholstered furniture is more sturdy because it uses metal springs and foam. The comfort of an item dramatically depends on its internal materials, which are sometimes not readily apparent. Even the outside fabric may be swapped out at any time (and may eventually need to be, depending on use). Investing in high-quality interlinings and linings is a specific method to considerably extend an item’s lifespan.

It’s time for a new couch design. You’ve decided to reupholster your sofa, but you’re unsure how to choose a suitable fabric. Here’s what you must watch out for in your upholstery:


Think about how often you and your family will use the couch before deciding on a fabric. Are daily sittings on the couch planned? Will your children use your couch as a wrestling mat? If that’s the case, then you’ll want to choose a sturdy material. There are a some vital things to look out for to make sure it will last:

Examine the abrasion test results for the total number of rubs. For home usage, a fabric’s thread count has to be 15,000 or above. Woven materials are more durable than printed ones, and select materials with a close weave if you want to avoid wrinkles. Textiles constructed from olefin (Revolution is!) tend to be long-lasting.


Brilliant hues pique the eye. Colours that are now on-trend are indeed stylish. Is it wise to use any of these hues for your couch’s upholstery? You can always do what you like, but maybe try a neutral fabric? Splashes of colour on curtains, carpets, and cushions can completely transform the aesthetic of a space. If your couch is a trendy colour that eventually looks obsolete, replacing the whole thing would be much more hassle.

The right hue may set the tone or even get you out of a jam. Lighter-coloured fabrics create an appealing, breezy atmosphere, especially those in a reliable manner. It’s possible that dirt might be less noticeable on a darker background.


Before settling on a sofa’s upholstery, think about the frame’s design. For example, if you have a classic couch frame, you may dress it up with a traditional fabric. One may choose from many variations of design while shopping for fabric. Fabrics might be colourful, informal, formal, or elaborate. Think about how the potential purchase might look with your present furnishings.

Fabric scale is essential if you’re going with a patterned option. For instance, if you have a tiny living room, a busy pattern that fills the whole wall can be too much, and your couch might not be centred in the design. A little layout in a vast space may have the opposite effect.

When picking an upholstery fabric, there are other considerations to keep in mind. 

  • If your house’s living room gets a lot of natural light, it’s crucial that your sofa not fade with time.
  • Fabrics that are resistant to mildew should be used in humid environments.
  • Microfiber may help those with dust- and lint-related allergies as an anti-lint and anti-static material.

The following are only some food for thought. You should feel comfortable in your own house since it reflects your identity. Allow yourself to unwind and have faith in your judgement. You will do what is best for you and your loved ones.

Upholstery: A Guide to Cleaning

Here’s what you need to do to maintain your upholstery in good shape after getting them:

Frequently Vacuum Upholstery.

Vacuuming your upholstered furniture often is our number one do-it-yourself upholstery cleaning recommendation. The fibres in your furniture’s upholstery might be worn down by dirt, which also has aesthetic effects. Loosen hard-to-remove dirt and debris using a clean, dry upholstery attachment or any brush with stiff bristles. When cleaning tight spaces, the upholstery cleaning products is your best friend.

Wipe Off Your Furniture Using Wipes.

Baby wipes are surprisingly helpful for fast do-it-yourself cleaning of upholstery (though you should always test on an inconspicuous area to be sure they won’t harm the fabric). These wipes are perfect for leather, cotton, or polyester upholstery since they include a mild soap and water solution with very little moisture. A travel bag should be kept in the living area for quick spot cleaning. Carpets may also be spot-cleaned using a carpet and upholstery cleaning machine. If you get to coffee stains and other spills immediately, you may remove the stain before it has a chance to set.

Upholstery Cleaning Regulations

Find out how to properly clean your upholstered furniture by consulting the care instructions and cleaning code provided by the manufacturer. Using “W” indicates that you may drink the water. Take off the pillowcases and wash them as directed on the label. Assigning an “S” to a solvent suggests that it should be replaced with something other than water. Apply a gentle misting and blot with a clean white towel or sponge. With “S/W,” you may use either water or solvents, but “X” suggests you should avoid both and stick to a vacuum. Fabric Couch You can find the perfect carpet cleaning machines for sale to clean your upholstery.

Don’t Use Too Much Water

Apply stain protection to your furniture yourself if it wasn’t already treated with one before you buy it (or have an expert do it for you). Use water very sparingly when cleaning your upholstery. Fabric Couch Getting yourself carpet steam cleaners for sale is always recommended to clean your upholstery with no water use but moisture.

Final Words

Buying and maintaining upholstery can be a rigorous task and, if not done correctly, can ruin the beauty of your home. Our products make this chore much more convenient. We provide the best upholstery and carpet cleaning solutions for you to choose from and liven up your home within minutes.