Last Updated on March 16, 2024 by Ali Hamza

Clothing is one of those things that you never want to get wrong, right? Whether you’re shopping for a special occasion or a casual event, you’ll go to great lengths to find outfits that double your style and fashion game. Unfortunately, there are an infinite number of clothing brands dominating the market, which creates a slew of doubts in the minds of buyers.

Yeah. Your pain as a customer in trying to find a trustworthy clothing brand is genuine and understandable. Bigger brands are prohibitively expensive, while others fall short of your

fashionista personality expectations.

So, in today’s post, we’ll introduce you to one of the increasingly popular clothing brands that is currently at its peak. DE MARZO is the name. Have you heard of this name or asked Google about 13 DE MARZO clothing?

So, without getting too deep into things, let’s try to get to know this brand from the starting:


DE MARZO is a well-known Parisian clothing brand founded in 2018 by renowned designers Leslie and Eric. It combines elements of beauty and simplicity to provide people with a one-of-a-kind clothing and style experience.

The brand became famous for its oversized hoodies and t-shirts. Interestingly, the brand included a bear on the front of its clothing. This eventually changed the game.

This particular thing captured the attention of those who want to embrace the cute nature of clothing as well as the fashionista ones.

Ever since then, the brand is experimenting quite impressively with its clothing so that people can wear something exceptional.


There are so many amazing clothing brands out there, but what distinguishes 13 DE MARZO is the creativity it brings to clothing.

One of the things that people like best about the brand is its approach to creating cute, simple clothes. The brand isn’t afraid to experiment with rabbit and bear plush toys on various parts of its clothing.

This demonstrates the brand’s distinctness in the fashion world. As a result, it becomes a unisex brand that both men and women can rely on to appease their fashion feelings.


Of course, you would love to know special things about a clothing brand that has skyrocketed in popularity in no time. The butterflies in your stomach might not let your mind stay on a brand that makes such delightful clothes.

Keeping that in mind, it’s necessary to uncover some of the startling things about this clothing brand. Let’s check out the following invaluable specialities of the brand:

  • The DE MARZO clothing collection for 2020 featured oversized printed t-shirts with storybook elements.
  • All DE MARZO clothing, from hats and t-shirts to DE MARZO jackets and other ensembles, features a bear or other toys.
  • It chooses clothing colour combinations that are neither too bright nor too neutral, making it an excellent choice for anyone.
  • It provides excellent value for money on all of its apparel while ensuring maximum comfort and durability.
  • It is widely available on well-known clothing websites.


You might be wondering where you should buy this amazing clothing brand now that you’ve learned so much about it. Right? Of course, you have a slew of choices. But there is one online clothing store that stands out: Fixxshop.

With just one click and a few swipes on your phone screen, you’ll have all of the latest DE MARZO arrivals in your cart. The platform provides you with access to an up – to – date selection of DE MARZO clothing, including hoodies, sweaters, jackets, shirts, and more. What’s more, it offers customers 15% off their first order, which means a lot of savings and shopping.

Extra Note: Let’s explore some favorable tips while shopping for branded clothes online

Quality: Never skimp on the quality of your clothing. After all, it is likely to be the first thing you and others notice. And value for money is determined by quality.

Cost: The price of your clothing varies depending on what you want. However, it should not be too far out of your price range or too low to be believed. Find appropriate clothing.

Size: Branded clothing is known for its superior fit and size. When you’re spending good money, compromising on size can be a mistake.

Comfort: Not all brands, especially designer ones, are known for providing comfort in their clothing. In and out, prioritise comfort so that you can enjoy spending time in your favourite clothes.

Online buying: It gives you a significant advantage because you can find and purchase your desired clothes all in one location. You’ll also be able to find deals and sales to help you save money.