Handy Maintenance

Last Updated on April 16, 2024 by Tayyaba Shafqat

A vehicle is one of the biggest purchases that you will ever make in your life. And since it gets used regularly, maintaining your vehicle purchased through a used car for sale in Kenya is crucial.  

With regular car maintenance checks and looking out for certain things, you can prevent the huge problem from occurring in your vehicle. With a consistent TLC, you can make your Kenya used car last you for years to come. 

We are going to provide you with tips, advice, and tricks to ensure that your car gets the care it needs. Dive into this blog to unveil handy maintenance tips to keep your vehicle purchased at used cars for sale in tip-top condition. 

1-Regular Car Maintenance

This applies to every car owner. If you don’t wish for any unforeseen expense to occur in your vehicle, you should keep a regular maintenance check on it. 

You should monitor your engine and check filters. You should ensure that every part of your car is assessed regularly. 

2-Get Your Interior Clean

If your car is clean, it will work better. It would help if you used a vacuum cleaner first on your Kenya used car and then used a damp cloth. You can use mild diluted shampoo to clean your car instead of strong detergents and cleaners. 

3-Don’t keep your Hands on the Gear

We, as drivers, tend to keep our hands on the gear lever for a long time. When you keep your hand even slightly on the gear, it can cause bad friction and decrease its durability, and can wear on the materials. 

4-Cool down

If you have a turbo on the vehicle purchased at the used car for sale in Kenya, then you should know the turbocharger needs extra time to cool down than the engine. It would help if you let the engine run for a few extra minutes after parking. This will ensure there is no breakage in the bearing. 

5-Check your Tank for Dirt

You should make sure to prevent the tank warning from coming on. Because it can be the reason why dust and dirt get collected in the bottom, then reach the fuel pump and filter, and then damage the tank. 

6-Take care of your Clutch

This is an important one. Many of us tend to keep our legs rested on the clutch pedal. This can result in the overheating of the clutch, causing it to wear out. That is why you should keep your leg on the floor of the vehicle purchased through cars for sale

7-Keep the Rev low

When you keep the rev low of the car, you can save on fuel. A problem can occur when the gear is higher than the speed of the car. This puts unnecessary pressure on the engine and can wear the cylinder head. And even the opposite of this can be bad when you make the engine scream, but on a low gear for high speed, it can cause stress. 

8-Take extra care of the door seals

It is important to keep a check on your door seals. A quick trick is to that you apply door sebum cream on the seals to keep them elastic and soft. 

9-Allow the car some time

This is an important tip, especially for the coming cold months. If you want to defrost your car, many people tend to increase the rev of the car. Or if somebody is in a hurry, they might end up trying to leave as fast as they can. But you have to take care here that the start-up lubricant that comes from the oil pump takes some time. That is why you should give your car some time to circulate the lubricant properly. 

10-Keep it fresh

Any car that smells bad is not welcoming or great to be in. If you wish to neutralize any bad smell in your car, then you can make use of coffee beans. They have a strong and great aroma that can keep any smoke or bad smell at bay. You can have a bag of coffee beans tied and hung in your car or store it in one of your compartments. 

To conclude,

If you take care of your Kenya used car, it will provide you with the best operations possible. But if you avoid the caring part, you will end up spending more on getting it repaired. It is better to be safe than sorry. 

If you are confused about what to do, you can consult experts that can help you solve your problem. Make sure that all the parts of your vehicle are working right!