hardwood floors

Hardwood floors can enhance the look of your home if they are properly cleaned and polished. However, floor maintenance can be hectic if not cleaned the right way. During cleaning, it is important to pay attention to small areas that can make a difference in the appearance of your floor.

Poor maintenance can lead to dust buildup, which can leave hardwood floors looking dull and dirty. Cleaning hardwood floors the best way possible starts with a regular, deep cleaning of your floor. Deep clean your hardwood floor and take preventative steps to protect your floor while keeping it looking its best. Apart from deep cleaning, you may consider move out cleaning Dubai.

Regular cleaning is a good way to prevent oil and dust buildup. Clean your hardwood floor in the spring or before the onset of winter. Use a hardwood floor mop and recommended cleaning products for perfect results. Hardwood floors can look unsightly if not cared for properly.

A vacuum, dry mop, soapy water, and a dry cloth are what you need to keep your hardwood floor clean. The following steps will help you effectively clean your hardwood floor:

How to Clean Your Hardwood Floor

Clear the clutter off your floor so you can give it a good clean. Take out everything that is not necessary. If possible, move the furniture or take it to another room. Use furniture pads to make it easy to move your furniture from one place or room to another without damaging the floor. Always keep your hardwood floor from getting scratched to keep it looking its best.

vacuum clean the floor

To remove dirt and debris from the floor, use a vacuum or dry mop. It would ensure that your floor is easy to clean without leaving any residue that might be difficult to remove later.

Clean hardwood floor with wood grains

Your floor may have polyurethane. To clean your mop, use soapy water. Before using it on your floor, please circulate it to drain the water. Mop back and forth along the wood grain of the floor.

To avoid staining, never use water on varnished or lacquered floors. The market is full of safe products that you can buy to help clean your hardwood floors.

Use a clean cloth to wipe the floor

To remove any residue on hardwood floors (dirt, water, soap), use a soft, dry cloth. For a sparkling floor, gently rub the cloth over the floor in circular motions. For best results, use a cleaner made for hardwood floors. To absorb and trap any residue, a cloth diaper can be substituted for a cloth cleaner.

Use a drop of baking soda to remove scratches from hardwood floors. Rub the cloth gently on the floor to reduce marks. After rubbing the floor, use another clean cloth to rinse it off. You can restore your hardwood floor or completely replace it if it’s damaged.

Cleaning And Maintenance Advice For Your Hardwood Floor

Avoid wearing unclean shoes or feet when walking on your hardwood floor. You can’t do that and still expect your floor to look spotlessly clean at the end of the day. Dirt tends to leave abrasive grit particles behind. Particles can easily damage your floor. Dirt could easily scratch the floor surface.

Before you start mopping the floor, remove any dirt particles with a vacuum or dry mop. Do not mop the floor until all dirt particles have been removed. This can cause particles to rub against the floor. Add vinegar to the cleaning water to remove and prevent the buildup of oil, dirt, and hair on the floor.

Use only a clean, soft cloth or mop to dry and polish the floor. For a few hours, soak a clean cloth in warm water with tea bags. Wring out the cloth well and use it to wipe the floor clean to give it a shiny look. Tea contains tannic acid which can give your hardwood floor a shiny appearance.

To cover up scratches on your floor, you can use a crayon that is the same color as your floor. Rub it on the scratched part of the floor and run a hot dryer over the area. To polish the area, use a soft cloth. You should vacuum your floors regularly and get rid of stains as soon as they occur.

To avoid any damage to the surface of your floor, be careful when cleaning it. Use only recommended cleaning products and tools.