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Vehicles are probably the most significant investments you’ll ever make. Throughout the year, they are subjected to regular wear and weathering. This wear and tear will become apparent if you don’t care for your car or truck. Therefore, it would help if you make exterior car or truck care a routine, whether washing, waxing, or repairing it as needed.

Nevertheless, this post will discuss the eight tips to keep your truck exterior clean and shining.

Get It Out of the Sun

You can avoid leaving spots on your truck by moving it out of direct sunlight when washing it. On scorching days, this can even lead to the soapy water evaporating and leaving a residue that dampens the desired sheen.

Moreover, the sun can also cause blurring on your windows when you wipe them.

Pick the Right Soap

Avoid using liquid soap, especially those meant for your bathroom. They contain substances that may be damaging to your car’s paintwork.

Instead, go to your nearby auto parts shops and ask for specially made car cleaning soap. Such truck formulas will give your truck a better look and won’t harm the clear coat that protects its paint.

Use the Best Cloth

The old sponge or t-shirt isn’t going to cut it here; use microfiber instead. Materials like sponges won’t pick up small particles that should be removed while cleaning your stuck. Worse yet, some materials are abrasive and may damage your car’s exterior.

After cleaning your car, wipe it with a clean and dry microfiber cloth. Doing this will keep your clean truck free of water stains.

Use Wax

Cars are constantly exposed to harsh climatic conditions like rain, sunlight, and road debris. Here, a clear coat is handy to protect your car’s paint.

However, if you reside in areas that experience seasonal snow and ice, you may need to go the extra mile to protect your car.

Your car’s paint won’t be protected by a small layer of protection against such a relentless assault. Waxing, however, offers an additional layer of protection and helps restore the exterior paint’s natural luster.

You may also use custom tarps whenever you are not using your truck to protect it from these harsh conditions.

Shine the Headlights

Nothing reveals a car’s age more quickly than obscured or faded headlights. Headlights can fog up and turn yellow for a variety of reasons.

The oxidation of the acrylic substance is the most common reason for this. While this will occur spontaneously, it can be avoided if you take precautions. The headlamps should be cleaned using auto soap and a microfiber towel to eliminate any chemical residue and dust or grime that may have built up. Finish by applying a coat of polish, which will assist in protecting your skin from the sun. Doing so will boost the life of your headlamp and ensure that you can see clearly at night.

Don’t Forget the Spaces

If you open the door and examine the hinges, you can tell if it’s been professionally maintained. Wipe the gaps between your doors, the hood, and trunks. Dust, pollen, and filth accumulate in these places. A little water from these places could wash the grime off your otherwise spotless car, especially if you’ve just finished washing it.

Properly Clean Your Windows

Not every glass cleaner solution is suitable for cleaning the windows of your truck. Instead of reaching for a household bottle of cleaning solution, opt for a product designed specifically for vehicle glass. The UV layer on your truck’s glass is protected by these materials, which typically contain no chemicals that could harm it.

But if you must use the glass cleaner meant for house chores, please ensure they are ammonia-free.

Treat Your Treads

Use a good tire shine to complete the look, but do it only at the end. Watch out for overspray on your just-washed car. Otherwise, the silicone foundation will be visible, ruining all of your hard work washing the truck.

The Bottom Line

Everyone loves their trucks, so having them look clean and shining is a great feeling. Be sure to use the above tips to keep your truck exterior clean.