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Discursive essays are unique essays requiring the writer to take a stance on a particular argument or statement, analyze its strengths and weaknesses, and respond with an extended argument of their own. Although it might sound complex and challenging, discursive essays can be easy to write once you understand the basics. A discursive essay is essentially an analytical essay that analyzes a topic from different perspectives. Readers get to know your opinion about a subject and what you think about it. An interesting discursive essay convinces readers with well-supported arguments instead of just stating an opinion as unquestioned truth. If you are someone who is finding it hard to write a discursive essay, then following tips are for you;

What is a Discursive Essay?

A discursive essay is an essay in which the writer responds to an argument or opinion by examining its strengths and weaknesses. This means that a discursive essay is an analytical essay in which you analyze a topic from different perspectives. The critical difference between a discursive essay and a regular analytical essay is that, in the latter, you analyze one topic. In contrast, you analyze the same topic from different perspectives in the former, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses. Note that all types of essays require you to analyze a topic, but only discursive essays analyze the same topic from different perspectives. Analytical essays can take various forms and can be found in many disciplines.

Why Write a Discursive Essay?

A discursive essay is ideal for those who want to develop their critical thinking skills, analyze an issue from multiple perspectives, and build a strong argument. A discursive essay is one of the most challenging types of an essay because you need to analyze a topic from different aspects. It can be a little challenging to start because you need to develop a precise topic and a thesis that responds to different arguments. But once you get the hang of it, a discursive essay can be an enriching experience because it forces you to develop your critical thinking skills and come up with well-supported arguments.

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How to Structure Your Discursive Essay?

A discursive essay is an extended analysis of a topic from multiple perspectives. You first must develop a topic and find the correct thesis that responds to different arguments. Once you have a topic and a thesis, you can start structuring your discursive essay. A discursive essay has two parts: the introduction and the body. The introduction has two goals: to state your thesis and to grab your reader’s attention. The body has three parts: supporting paragraphs, critical analysis, and a conclusion. Only an excellent structure will ensure a smooth flow of information. You can also make an outline that will help structure and set the right tone.

How to Find the Right Thesis for your Discursive Essay?

Your thesis is the main idea that you want to convey. It’s what you think about a subject and what you want to tell your readers. It’s the most important part of any essay because it’s what your essay is all about. The correct thesis for your discursive essay should respond to the different arguments you will analyze in the paper. It should clearly express your opinion about the topic and inform your reader about what you think about it.

Key Elements of a Discursive Essay

As we’ve seen, a discursive essay is a type of analytical essay in which you analyze a topic from different perspectives. In other words, it’s an extended analysis of a topic from multiple angles. The best way for you to understand what a discursive essay is is to look at its key elements:

  1. Introduction
  2. Thesis
  3. Body (supporting paragraphs and critical analysis)
  4. Conclusion


How to Organize Your Writing in a Discursive Essay

The best way to organize your essay is to create an outline. You must start with the introduction and set the thesis statement. Once you complete it, work on the body paragraph. Prioritize information in the outline so that when you start writing, everything is organized. Afterwards, work on the conclusion. This little practice will ensure all the relevant information is included in the essay according to priority.  

Tips for Writing a Good Discursive Essay

The best way to write a discursive essay is to analyze a topic you’re genuinely interested in. When you’re passionate about the topic, developing interesting arguments and critical analysis is easier. Organize your thoughts before you start writing your discursive essay. It can be difficult to write a discursive essay if you don’t have a plan of action. So, before you start writing, write an outline of your essay.

Discursive essays are an excellent way to cover maximum information in a single document. You can argue two different points of view and find common ground in them. Follow the above tips if you find it hard to write and structure discursive essays.