AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Last Updated on April 15, 2024 by Ali Hamza

AWS offers multiple tools and services that efficiently improve the productivity of companies. However, to use AWS for cloud computing, networking, database management, and storage, businesses need skilled professionals who have AWS cloud practitioner certification.

This certification reflects an employee’s ability to work with the AWS tools and services to increase the profitability of a company. 

Understanding AWS Cloud Practitioner

It is a professional IT certification provided by Amazon. Professionals who own this certification are able to work on AWS cloud systems. Moreover, the AWS training and certification reflect their thorough understanding of pricing and billing models, which is crucial while communicating with stakeholders. This certification also familiarises employees with the impact of cloud computing on the business. Therefore, they are able to make smart decisions for future investments.

The objective of the AWS Certification Course and Exam 

You need to qualify for the CLF-C01 exam to earn the certificate for AWS cloud practitioner. This single certification enables you to work in 4 different IT domains, namely technology, cloud computing, billing/pricing, and security compliance. 

The exam consists of 65 MCQs, and you need to solve them in 90 minutes. This is a challenging exam which requires thorough preparation and understanding of APIs, Elastic load balancer, cost explorer, WAS marketplace, security groups, etc. Therefore, you must consider joining an AWS certification training provider to enhance your chances of success.  

Benefits of AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification

AWS is one of the well-recognised cloud computing certifications for the IT industry. However, many employees wonder about its relevance in today’s scenario. Here are the crucial benefits of earning this certification:

1. Efficient cloud computing skill

Cloud computing is an essential part of today’s evolving business scenario. Moreover, the inclusion of revolutionary technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence are resulting in all businesses moving towards cloud systems. Therefore, the need for professionals with excellent cloud handling skills is necessary. In addition, this demand for cloud experts is going to increase in the future when all industries use virtual platforms for their business activities.

2. AWS-certified professionals get preference 

There is a high demand for professionals with AWS cloud certification throughout the world. Most employers seek employees who have AWS certification as it saves their time to provide exclusive training to make them work efficiently with their cloud system. Therefore, having this certification on your resume reflects the knowledge and skills required to work with the company’s cloud services. Moreover, AWS certification is a great way to advance your career prospects and get selected for a high-paying job.

3. Availability of multiple job vacancy

AWS is most widely used for cloud security in the virtual marketplace. Its market share covers more than one-third of the IaaS market. This figure is way ahead of its competitors like Microsoft and Google. This is the reason for the huge market demand for AWS practitioners.

In the coming years, this figure is expected to grow exponentially. Therefore, to improve your chances of selection for some of the best job roles, getting an Amazon certification is essential.

4. AWS helps get appreciation

Another benefit of AWS cloud practitioner certification is the recognition given to professionals. This certification provides digital badges to IT professionals. These badges are an excellent way of getting access to AWS-sponsored certification events. Moreover, AWS-certified professionals get special recognition and promotion at their workplace. Therefore, if you want to get appreciation at your current job, you must consider getting this certification.

5. Displays commitment and dedication

Qualifying for AWS certification requires a high degree of dedication and commitment. If you choose to get this certificate, you will need to invest a substantial amount of effort and time during preparation. Therefore, this certification reflects your complete dedication to achieving your target. 

Many employers want to know your approach to upgrading your skills according to industry trends. All the IT professionals like AWS cloud developer, network administrators, cloud administrators, etc., who take this certification succeed in convincing employers about their problem-solving and deadline commitments. This helps them in getting priority during the recruitment process.


All the points mentioned above make it evident that AWS cloud practitioner certification is highly worthy for the present and for the future. Furthermore, this certification validates your ability to work with Amazon cloud services, which is acquiring a large portion of the virtual market share. However, to successfully get through the exam, you can count on the training and guidance provided by the best institutes.