The property market is currently at a fever pitch and properties are now selling within 45 days of being put on sale. Sometimes even sooner than that. The average time required to sell at present is even lesser than what it was in January. Estate agents in Kent and Whitstable estate agents are finding their hands full with new buyers joining the estate market almost on a weekly basis. Enquiries on mortgages and applications are also piling up each and every month. To put it bluntly, if you are planning to sell your property, this is a perfect time as asking prices for houses are hitting record highs in all regions in comparison to the pre-pandemic era. 

But as a seller, have you ever considered whether your property is ready to be sold in a busy market? This is an important question to consider because gone are those times when a simple ‘for sale’ sign on a property would do the trick. So to make your property ready for sale, we have some quick strategies that you can employ and seal the deal. 

Let’s take a look:

Set the correct price

Even though the asking price of properties is reaching record highs, you need to make sure that you are asking for a fair price in a busy market. Since you are in competition with many homes in the same block or neighbourhood, pricing it correctly is important. You can hire independent evaluators to determine the true worth of your property. They will take many factors into consideration such as the age of the property, location, condition of the property and any other unique features that will have an effect on the price of the property. They will also provide you with information on properties nearby that have been sold recently, so you have a fair idea of the price of houses and properties in the neighbourhood. 

Always be ready for a viewing

Another great way of quickly selling a property is to make sure that your property is ready for viewing whenever required. When the level of competition is fierce, you need to take a few steps before putting your property up for sale. For example- give your house a deep clean and declutter it. No potential owner would be interested in a property that is dirty and shows signs of severe neglect. Keep things neat and tidy. Fix whatever is broken, give it a fresh coat of paint if possible. Choose neutral colours. If you have a garden or any outdoor space, keep it neat and tidy as well. Once these basics have been covered, your property is ready for a viewing at the drop of a hat. 

Look at things from the buyer’s perspective

When you are selling any property, it is very easy to forget how it actually looks after being inhabited for years. Hence, it is crucial to try and detach yourself from preconceived notions about your house. Look at the property from the eyes of a buyer. Remove any personal touches from the house such as photographs or any kind of decoration that shows who has lived on the property. Prospective buyers prefer a blank canvas so that they can imagine the space as their own.  

Use professional photographs

Homes can look very different on the basis of how they are being presented. This is where professional photography helps. Pictures speak volumes, more so when the search for properties has been shifted to virtual viewings and the internet. So hiring a professional photographer for getting pictures taken for your property will give you an extra edge over competitors in the same neighbourhood. 

Work with an estate agent

Hiring a professional and experienced estate agent will set you ahead in the competition. You would want to hire someone who has good knowledge of the specific neighborhood and will be able to help you understand the property market trends in the area. He or she will also help you sell the property at an optimal price and that too quickly. 

Bottom line

Across the UK, the demand for property is at an all-time high resulting in an increase in price and simultaneously in sales. So if you are considering selling your property in a busy market, this is the best time to do so as you are in a great position to ask for a good price. A quick sale is almost guaranteed if your product is superior and if you follow the above-mentioned steps to spruce up your property.