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Mobile app development trends happen every year, and every time with enthusiasm, we share with you the possibilities of how these trends can perform. Today, we will uncover mobile app development trends expected to take part next year, which is 2023. 

  • 5G Technology Will Continue to Dominate

Artificial intelligence has significantly changed the average person’s utility of using a mobile phone through recent advancements, and there are significant chances that it will continue to happen. But where did it all begin; we’ll have to go back to call assistants that communicated like humans—for example, Siri and Alexa. 

According to a report, almost 660 million smartphones will be 5G enabled by the end of 2023 which amounts to 47.5% of total devices.

 Adapting and integrating 5G will lead to better experiences and high-quality mobile applications. It has been established that 5G will lead to a more advanced and modern way of living. 

The fifth generation of mobile connectivity will lead to;

  • Improved app functionality, 
  • More features not hampering the functionality of the mobile app,
  • Increase in speed and performance of the app,
  • Enhanced mobile streaming.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning has been doing trends round from few years now and seems like the time has come for ‘the ultimate establishment’.

Artificial Intelligence, popularly known as AI and ML, short for machine learning- both increase app development speed far faster than human beings can. AI and ML-powered solutions can increase an app’s efficiency and intelligence, improving its overall performance. It also offers patterns to build personalized experiences and enhance customer communication.

To share an example, we can closely see various ways in which Asian countries have responded to the pandemic. During and post-pandemic, AI and big data were solely used to trace and enforce quarantine regulations. Modern tech assisted millions of people in tackling their daily routines. China and South Korea utilize artificial intelligence to its maximum potential during the pandemic.

AI can significantly accelerate your services SaaS and Saab performance with a range of features such as;

  • Photo animation,
  • Search and navigation improvements, 
  • Online payment fraud detection. 

Many companies have integrated AI and ML into their services and processes to grow their business models. It is clear that the use of both these technologies surely will reach heights and will continue to expand, eventually saving companies time and money. And with these advancements, automation will expand, decreasing relying on traditional manual procedures. 

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality Will Become More Mainstream

Next on our list for iOS app development trends are Augmented and Virtual reality. No doubt both these technologies will be relevant to android and iOS. And there is no argument to conclude which version would become the first to create a revolution. 

But one thing is for sure AR and VR- are expected to grow more extensive and more significant in the coming years, as both provide an immersive experience. According to a study published by Statista, by the end of 2023, the Augmented and Virtual Reality market is expected to grow to a whopping $160 million.

In 2023, we predict massive revolutions and changes will simultaneously occur in Augmented and Virtual reality. Here are some of the ways we assume AR and VR will be utilized;

  • More and more businesses will use AR and VR to cause growth,
  • VR will be used for training purposes,
  • Augmented reality could be used more efficiently for navigation purposes,
  • Virtual reality also could be used for social interaction purposes. 
  • Edge Computing Will Grow

Edge computing is a big revolution in the world of cloud computing. It navigates clouds near the primary user by utilizing computational needs by processing them locally or at the nearest location. Edge computing has fought and won over common issues that create hurdles in mobile application development. 

Edge computing will be accepted mainly in the coming years- that’s a strong possibility. And in the case of Cloud- it goes nowhere but directly to your system. Edge computing takes place at the core edge of the network instead of being near the central data centre.

To Sum it Up

The web and mobile app development industry sees changes yearly and has become more robust than ever. Without a second thought, mobile app development industry will sure grow and flourish like it always has been. So, it becomes necessary to develop an awareness of the trends that may happen to stay ahead of your competition. Especially for mobile app development companies, be known of these changes to make significant changes in your products accordingly.