Microsoft Office’s last versions have been stable, and they are very reliable. Microsoft Word may sometimes not respond. It will not respond to any of your actions.

Microsoft Word may not respond to your request for help. There are many possible reasons. You might have issues installing add-ins. Perhaps the document you’re trying open is corrupted and Word freezes?

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MS Word does not respond

Microsoft Word does not respond” can occur when Word is being used. It can lead to a lot of problems.

This could be a message saying that your file is not saved, or that it cannot be opened. The application displays the message “Word is not responding” This article was created to ensure that you don’t remain stuck with the problem.

Use Task Manager (Is your RAM too full? )

You should first try this method. The results are often very good.

Open the task manger (enter “Task manager” in the search field or use

ctrl + alt + del).

Firstly, MS Word / Office is possible to close within this application. To do so, select it, right click and select “End task”.

Second, if the disk usage is 100 percent, it means that Word isn’t responding due to RAM overload. This needs to be fixed first.

Launch word in safe mode & disable add-ins

Use safe mode to fix Microsoft Word’s inability to respond. This mode will allow you to only open Word with the necessary files. Additionally, it will help you troubleshoot add-in issues.

Hold down the CTRL key on the keyboard, and then click the shortcut from your desktop.

  1. The prompt will ask you if it is safe to open Word. Continue by clicking Yes.
  2. The File menu is located at the top right of your screen.
  3. Choose Options in the left sidebar. It should appear at the end of the list.
  4. The Addins option is located in the sidebar.
  5. Click Go to the right of the Manage menu.
  6. Select OK and uncheck any add-ins.
  7. In normal mode, launch and it should open.

Deactivate third-party antivirus software

The following are possible:

Check your computer with an antivirus program. Then, disconnect the antivirus. Remember to not download suspicious files if you antivirus doesn’t work.

Is the Word document not responding still in existence?

There are many other options.

Fix Corrupted Word Document

Word might not be responding to certain documents or if it malfunctions. You can fix these issues by opening corrupt documents with Word and then repairing them.

  • Open in your browser. Use safe mode if normal mode doesn’t work.
  • The Open option is located in the left-hand sidebar.
  1. Select Browse to browse your computer looking for the issue document.
  2. Navigate to your folder, select it and click the arrow icon to Open. Next, choose Open and Repair.
  3. Navigate to your folder, click on it, then choose Repair.

Use MS Office Repair

You can also use the built in recovery tool. You can also simultaneously click the Win +R keys.

Enter “appwiz.cpl”, then close the new window and hit the Enter key. The new dialog box will open. Click on Office Suite to bring up the menu. Next, click on Restore and then on Change. The tool will then attempt to repair the problems. You can then restart your computer. Word not responding should go away.

You Can Change Your Default Printer

Microsoft Word won’t respond because your computer has a defective printer set as default printer. Word is tightly integrated with all printers on your system. Word may not respond if there are any printer issues.

This problem can be solved by selecting another printer as your default printer.

  • Open the Settings application on your PC.
  • The Devices tab is displayed on the screen below.
  • From the left sidebar, select Printers/Scanners.
  • Uncheck the Let Windows Manage My Standard Printer Option
  • Select a working printer from the list, click it and choose Manage.
  • To set your chosen printer as your default printer, click on the Set as default button.

You must not delay in restoring data so that overwriting doesn’t happen. The best software to restore.DOCXX,.DOC, and.RTF. odt and others. files that have been lost on any media, regardless of the reason. You will be delighted with the Recovery Wizard’s work and the many additional functions it offers (e.g. a preview or the On-the fly option). ).

Reset Your Antivirus Software

Some antivirus programs have been known to cause conflicts between different apps. It is recommended that you temporarily disable your antivirus program and check if this resolves the Word problem on your system.

Many antivirus software can be disabled by right-clicking their icons in system tray. You can choose DisableProtect, or another similar option.

Word will respond after you disable your antivirus. This means that your antivirus program and Word are not compatible. You might want to get rid of your current antivirus program, and then install another one.

Reinstall Microsoft Office On Your Computer

Finally, if you are still having problems, you can delete Microsoft Office from your computer and then reinstall it. This will resolve any issues with Office apps and Word won’t have any issues.

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