Last Updated on April 16, 2024 by Tayyaba Shafqat

100,000 hours spent at work in an average life: that is to say if the office can become our second home! Real places of life, they therefore require impeccable hygiene. Both for employees or suppliers and for customers. And if office cleaning is everyone’s business, it goes much further than office storage! Indeed, between brand image, hygiene standards and control of health issues, the intervention of a professional is essential. Industrial cleaning cannot be improvised and is based on precise specifications and protocols. While waiting for the next World Office Storage Day, a little overview of our profession at the heart of your business. It is a guarantee of quality and seriousness.

Offices are a reflection of your business and are the vector of your reputation with your customers. The trust placed in a company is proportional to the attention it pays to the cleaning of its premises. For example, what will be the quality of the work of a company that cannot even keep its own offices clean?

This is a way to protect users.

Shared spaces and common areas are the places most conducive to the spread of viruses. For this, it is necessary to ensure a professional Rengøringshjælp of the offices based on a strict protocol. It alone makes it possible to fight effectively against the transmission of diseases and to avoid infections.

This is one of the keys to gaining efficiency.

Criterion number 1 of the quality of life at work for the French, the hygiene and cleanliness of offices are a great lever to increase efficiency. And yes, it seems obvious but we are much more efficient in a clean and tidy office. As a result, a poorly organized office can quickly become a source of annoyance when you can no longer find a file or even conflict when sharing space with collaborators. Office cleaning: Is it expensive? This is a central question that comes up regularly:  Is office cleaning really expensive?

Given the benefits that flow directly from good business hygiene, regular cleaning of business premises should be viewed as an investment, not a cost .Indeed, it will allow you to achieve substantial productivity gains, reduce sick leave and encourage customers to trust your teams.

But more importantly,

it is necessary to integrate all the elements that make up a professional cleaning service in order to be able to really evaluate its price and possibly compare it to that carried out by your employees. The key points of an expert and qualified office cleaning company.

The staff is trained in the trade:  The time spent cleaning is optimized and much less than that spent by your employees for the same tasks. The protocols are respected to ensure impeccable hygiene. No risk of proliferation of bacteria or viruses. Depending on its destination, each space benefits from an adapted service: offices, common areas, toilets,

The equipment, supplies and maintenance products provided are appropriate.

 You benefit from products that are both environmentally friendly and effective for cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces. The professionals intervene according to the organization of your company. A professional cleaning company adapts to your constraints and your organization in harmony with the operation of your services.

The cost may vary according to different parameters: Surfaces to be cleaned, distance, day or night work, types of surfaces to be cleaned, standards to be respected, etc. How often should office cleaning be done? Depending on the type of premises, the frequency will of course have to be adapted. For example, it will be very important to provide daily cleaning in reception areas and/or places with high traffic: entrance hall, co-working spaces, etc.  As well as in the toilets (see twice a day) The frequency will be less in less busy meeting rooms, for example. We accompany you during our first appointment to study your configuration, your work habits and define the most appropriate strategy.