Last Updated on April 15, 2024 by Umer Malik

If you notice intensely, wall mirrors reflect your soul by the designs installed. They say a lot about your choices and hence communicate your emotions. Well, coming to one intriguing question, have you ever heard about wall mirrors for living room a decade back? ( Barring the royal palaces and high-end abodes) Undoubtedly No, as wall mirrors for living room are a trend too novel to witness even today. By creating the falsity of space, bouncing sunshine and allowing light, they have become everyone’s favourite. However, the search for ideas to install these is yet to gain prominence. We at WallMantra have come up with stunning tips to transform your living room in no time. Stay hooked to this 2 minute read to make your home aesthetically appealing and stunningly decorative.  

Get A Statement Wall Mirror

Your living room must not allow anyone to gaze at the same place for more than a second. Implement creativity in every corner by getting the best out of your creative conscience. And for that, wall mirrors for living room are an ideal choice. Create an ornate wall laden with glimmer with an oversized wall mirror designed intricately. Make sure to place it in the centre but not in front of your entry gate. (Placing mirrors striking first at entryways attracts negativity as per Feng Shui) Also, you can try including bold colours such as red, orange or green if your accent wall is subtle. You can find the best statement mirrors at WallMantra that suit bohemian, minimalistic and sophisticated Vibes. 

Try Mirrored Console For Dual Purpose

If you love transparent silvery or golden finish at home, install a console laden with mirrors. This aesthetic piece of art gives a glitzy shine when placed. Bouncing back ceiling lights, golden glamour from chandeliers and wall sconces mounted opposite look exquisite. Although still unknown to many, a mirror-designed console is an untried piece of furniture, unlike wall mirrors for living room. And because of their exclusivity, they are mostly customizable. You can get one designed from your glazier. Try playing with rose gold, silver and green tinge rather than transparent colour. The colourful hues look more beautiful, as the mirror on the console is not for its basic functionality. Also, you can place family photos, collectables and artefacts on it for an exquisite look. 

Decorative Mirror Above a Console

If you are doubtful about a mirrored console, relax, and install a unique mirror above it. This area in your living room is the centre of attraction for many that require it to be maintained properly. And rather than getting ordinary wall mirrors for living room, get a decorative mirror from WallMantra. A mirror above the console is usually round with a sturdy rope. It gives more of an aesthetic and contemporary look rather than the look provided by old-fashioned wall mirrors for living room. The mirrors can be in any size, colour and design according to your preference.

Wall Mirrors For Living Room On Either Side Of Fireplace

Have you ever thought or heard about it before? Most probably not, but beauty lies in implementing uniqueness with style. If you have a fireplace in the centre of the living room, try mounting oversized wall mirrors for living room. PleaseMake sure the mirrors must be identical with the same grace. This symmetrical display creates a focal point in your living room without spending a dime. You can choose any full-length mirror in traditional or modern style. (Even used mirrors submerged in multi-hued vibes look spectacular, and you can paint them on your own) Also, try coordinating the vibes with the same patterned cushions, floor lamps, planters, sofa throws, and curtains. A coordinated setup looks more organized even if it is messy.   

Clustered Wall Mirrors For Living Room 

If you don’t prefer having vinyl wallpapers that require regular maintenance, create a clustered mirror wall. Believe us; you will love this idea more than the accent wall.         

Keep the background of the wall subtle and simple shining flawlessly in minimalistic vibes. The neutral-hued background, when submerged in golden clustered mirrors, looks classic. You can buy three or four same-sized mirrors. (The number can vary depending on the size) 

Wall Mirrors For Living Room Leaning Against The Wall

The idea seems quirky and funky, especially with children at home. However, this looks so cool and different from the wall-mounted mirrors. Their bulky size leaning against the wall besides reflecting your favourite object in the living room lets sunshine enters. And, if you want to have this setup, try decluttering your living room as the floor mirror catching the reflection of different objects looks bleak. Try keeping a large-sized planter along with the mirror to get a greener 


Wrapping It Off 

Wall Mirrors for living room are not just decor essentials but unique semblance displaying serenity. Even a small-sized mirror in the correct position can replace the homely vibes. Try adding them in an unexplored way to harmonize the ambience. Accentuate them with contrasting stuff to get a complete look.