Most people would be looking for amazing outfits to wear this Halloween season. At this point, almost all outfit inspiration has been exhausted. It’s time for people to experiment with nail art in a way that they never did. The best way to bring newness and uniqueness to your Halloween outfit is nail art. Nail art has been all the rage this year with people exploring different techniques and unique inspirations. Hollywood movies have been a source of Halloween inspiration for ages now. If one looks closely, there is a lot of untapped nail art inspiration hidden away in Hollywood classics. To truly explore the world of nail art, one needs to have enough nail paints. Paintbox offers a wide variety of non-toxic and sustainable nail paints. Check out their official website and get Paintbox offers to be a baddie on a budget this Halloween. Here are some movies for your next nail art project inspiration:

Hocus Pocus:

This 1993 cult classic did not start with much fame. At the time of its release, it tanked at the box office. However, over the years, the undeniably good costume and set design have earned this movie a separate fan club. With three main protagonists witches. This beautifully shot movie has vibrant colours and references that audiences enjoy to this day. For a hocus pocus-inspired nail art, you can draw the three witches on three nails followed by the cat Binx, on the fourth. Try including green and purple in the nail art as these two colours are often seen in the movie.  Visit Paintbox to explore a wide range of nontoxic nail colours. Avail of Paintbox promo codes to build your collection without railing off your budget. Don’t forget to log in when it’s time for the Paintbox sale to get live. 

Harry Potter:

Words can’t possibly describe the impact this movie series has had on modern society. With a lot of iconic characters and references, Harry Potter is one of the best Halloween inspirations. For nail art, you can start with Harry’s famous glasses on one nail. Followed by his iconic magic wand on another nail. One nail is dedicated to one of the houses of Hogwarts, depending on which one you belong to. For the last two fingers, make the lighting bolt from Harry Potter’s head and the deathly hallows sign. Let Paintbox help in bringing this cool nail art idea to life. Visit the official Paintbox website and avail of Paintbox coupon codes and save money while being a trendy Potterhead.


This throwback Halloween movie has successfully brought grown men to tears. Rightly so, because who can not love the friendly ghost, Casper? For the nail art, start by painting the lovely Casper on one of your fingers. The next three nails get a Fatso, Stinky, and Stretch picture respectively. Although they bullied poor Casper, these three have gone to be iconic characters from the movie. Their funny antics and bickering with Casper are the best part. Saving the best for last, write “boo!” on the last nail, a classic reference from the movie. To pay homage to this wholesome movie, visit the official Paintbox website and buy everything you need. Use Paintbox discount codes for additional money savings. 

Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School:

Going down memory lane with Scooby-doo is the best way to reminisce. Most of today’s young adults grew up watching Scooby-Doo. This movie has some of the most eclectic and vibrant characters. That is what makes it perfect for Halloween inspiration. Start by painting the beloved scooby doo on one nail. Follow this up with the portrait of Tanis the mummy. In case a portrait is difficult, making white bandages on the anil can also work. Next, paint the beautiful Sibella Dracula on one nail. This iconic character has a strong personality and even better fashion. This scooby-doo nail art cannot be complete without Revolta and Phantasma. A light blue and white colour combination can also be used to represent Phantasma. One must choose to shop from the Paintbox when in demand of heavy discounts. Check out the Paintbox coupons for the best deals.

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown:

Another animated classic, this short film is based on the hit comic strip, Peanuts. It follows Charlie Brown’s Halloween adventures with his friends Linus, Lucy, and of course, Snoopy. To make great nail art for this movie, start by making a giant orange pumpkin on one nail. Follow this up by drawing Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy, and Linus on the rest of the fingers. This movie takes one back to childhood days when days would be filled with the spooky joy of Halloween. Paying homage to this cult classic movie will make you stand out this Halloween. Head to the Paintbox website and grab all the colours and supplies you’ll need to create this look. Do not forget to check out the Paintbox deals for affordable nail artistry. 

Painting nails is more than just a hobby these days. If you are passionate, building a career off of nail art is very much possible in today’s time. Nail art helps people to express themselves, break gender norms, and channel their inner thoughts. With the rise of social media, all inspiration has turned mainstream. Everyone is doing the same couple of nail art ideas. In such a scenario, turning to old-school Hollywood is always the best option. With Halloween cult classics, Hollywood can truly be a good source of inspiration. Now that you have the inspiration, it is time to enter the world of nail art and explore the possibilities. By trying out different styles, colours, techniques, etc. you will be able to zero down on your style. This can prove to be very helpful in the future when building outfits. Paintbox offers a plethora of non-toxic, nail colours that can spice up your nail art game. Head on to the official Paintbox website and explore all the possibilities such as colours, tools, etc. Do not forget to indulge in some well-deserved Paintbox shopping this spooky season.