lvt flooring dubai
lvt flooring dubai

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Luxury Vinyl Tile is the latest innovation that is manufactured using cutting-edge technology and techniques. LVT flooring gives an emergent and realistic visual to the interior of your place because of its innovative design specifications and sleekest layouts. This flooring gives the natural look and enhances the feel of a place sophisticatedly.

LVT flooring, made from a series of layers, can give an elegant touch to your interiors. The neutral hues and soft textures of these floors can beautify the look and make them a great choice to have as a floor covering. This flooring is constantly intriguing the homeowners because of the extraordinary materials and appearance of the floors. Let’s get to know more about LVT flooring before talking about its pros and cons.

What is LVT Flooring?

LVT flooring comes with innovative designs and becoming increasingly popular as it has a significant place among other flooring types. the realistic look and design choices make this flooring more eminent. It has pretty thin and flexible layers because it is crafted using multiple layers of vinyl that provide both a softer and warmer feel to your places.

With minimal shrinkage and expansion features, this flooring can be installed in any place. You can purchase them in planks or tiles. These tiles are made of different layers that perform specific functions when installed on your floors like resistance against moisture, water, or wear and tear.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring Services in Dubai

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Pros Of LVT Flooring

To get to know more about LVT flooring, let’s go through the merits of having this vinyl flooring.

1. Versatile Option

Luxury vinyl tiles offer a thicker stability layer and give a magnificent visual. With the natural stoned looks and wood grain textures, these floors can provide an extraordinary appearance to your floors.

Besides that, you can buy these floors with amazing patterned tiles that depict the aesthetic look when matched with the rest of the decor. Purchase the tiles considering the existing home accessories for a complete and graceful look.

2. Adds Value To The Property

3. Easy To Lay & Clean

One of the most exclusive pros of LVT flooring is that you can lay this flooring over the existing floor covering. Whether the existing flooring type is concrete, tile, or timber, you can seamlessly install this flooring.

If you want to adorn your interiors with this flooring, there’s no need to call professionals. This is because you can do the installation of LVT flooring by yourself. All you will need to do is measure the area with measuring tape and use a knife to cut it according to the size of a place then lay it over the floor.

4. Extremely Durable & Affordable

When people go to purchase anything, there are the most common factors they are concerned about and it is durability and affordability. Of course, everyone wants to save their money and still look for the option that can last for a long. 

To your surprise, LVT flooring is way cheaper than other flooring types. You can install this flooring treatment in both residential and commercial areas that experience heavy foot traffic daily.

5. Minimal Maintenance

Another factor that counts in the pros of LVT flooring is that they don’t require often cleaning. You don’t have to sweep these floors regularly until something sticky or greasy gets spilled on your floors.

In any case, if something gets spilled, don’t use abrasive detergents on these floors as it can damage the visual of the floors or might discolor the genuine floor color.

6. Resistant To Moisture

LVT flooring is resistant to water, so it means that you can install these floors in moist and humid areas like the laundry areas, bathroom, and kitchen. When you install this flooring solution in your home, you don’t have to worry about need-to-repair appliances and water leakage. 

One of the best aspects of these floors is that it also has an outer protective layer that is anti-bacterial to provide more protection.

7. Almost Indestructible

If you are looking for a flooring treatment that can provide you with utmost durability and is perfect for both domestic and commercial areas, go for LVT flooring. This is the best option to install in the high foot-traffic areas. 

The reason that makes this flooring indestructible is the multi-layering. Moreover, this flooring replicates the hard surface flooring materials, therefore, offering durability and a non-slippery finish to the floors.

Cons Of LVT Flooring

Let’s talk about the cons of having this flooring in your homes.

1. Difficult To Remove

These floors are installed using adhesive materials which makes it difficult to remove these floors when installed once. It is a labor-intensive task to remove them and you may need a professional.

2. Soft Material

As compared to other flooring types, luxury vinyl tiles can get damaged if you use sharp materials over them and can get dents and scratches because of the furniture.

3. Discoloration

If your rooms face the direct piercing of sunlight, you can rethink installing this flooring as it can make the color of the floors fade away. 

Wrapping Note!

LVT flooring is the ideal floor covering treatment because of its distinct features and resemblance with real wood and stone. The merits of installing these floors are many to explore like this flooring offers enormous options to choose from and is extremely durable, and easy to install and maintain. The noted feature is that it is resistant to moisture and doesn’t get damaged. If the place where you want to install this flooring faces direct sunlight, it may not support it but you can cover this drawback using quality curtains.