Quickbase - Best Agile Project Management Software

Quickbase Software is a low-code application development platform. It is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. It was spun off from Intuit in March 2016. The company is known for its ability to help businesses create agile project management applications. Agile project management software includes tools for estimating project duration, tracking costs, and capturing data.

Quickbase Software

Quickbase is a Boston-based provider of low-code application development platforms. It was recently spun off from Intuit. The company provides an intuitive interface for developing business applications. The company offers its platform free of charge. To date, Quickbase is one of the most popular cloud-based application development platforms.

Quickbase Software is ideal for large and medium-sized businesses alike. Its cloud-based technology makes it easy to collaborate across teams and share information. Users can input data, customize workflows, store and share documents, assign tasks, and manage customer relationships. Additionally, it connects team members in a secure environment.

Quickbase offers a free 30-day trial. The free plan allows up to three users, which is adequate for most small businesses. The premium version allows up to 100 custom business applications. Premium plans have more features and can store up to 1TB of attachments per base. You can also opt for training classes and unlimited users.

Quickbase enables business users to build and customize business applications without any programming knowledge. This enables users to streamline their daily tasks, automate processes, and achieve more. Its platform is designed for rapid innovation and action, allowing users to respond to the changing needs of their business in real time. And with the help of Quickbase, businesses can customize their home pages, dashboards, web forms, and other applications.

Quick Base offers three different plans. The Premier plan costs about $30 per user per month, which includes up to twenty users. The Premier plan also includes 50 custom business apps, audit logs, SLA, and mobile optimization. In addition, it also offers an enterprise-level plan that costs $1920 per month.

Quickbase Pricing

Pricing for Quickbase Software depends on how many users your team will need and how much you plan to spend per user per month. The basic plan starts at $7 per user per month and goes up from there. However, you can also get an enterprise plan for a lower price that can be customized to your business needs.

The company’s software allows users to create custom apps and has a drag-and-drop interface. It can be used for multiple projects, which makes it suitable for medium-sized businesses and individuals. Companies like Google, Sprint, Southwest, Columbia Sportswear and UBM have all used the software to develop their own custom apps. Non-profit organizations that have rapidly growing teams can also use Quick Base. The company’s platform scales easily and can accommodate the growth of your organization.

The software is easy to use, even for the uninitiated. Its attention to detail shows when a user runs into a problem. The company provides detailed feedback and works to fix any issues quickly. Quickbase also allows even non-technical users to create complex applications. So, if you’re interested in getting Quick Base, make sure you take the time to read the reviews.

Quick Base is a powerful business application that can help you manage your business operations more effectively. Its features include integration management, audit logs, and a flexible interface. In addition, Quickbase supports full API integration, which allows you to create multi-user applications and complex workflows to fit your business processes. It also boasts a mature product and active community forums where you can get answers to your questions. Support is quick and effective and will help you set up your business processes.

Quick Base is a cloud-based application development platform that enables non-technical users to create and customize business software applications without any programming experience. These applications can be used for any type of business solution. Users can design and customize applications through a wizard-guided user interface.

Quickbase Features

Quickbase Software is a cloud-based application that allows you to create and customize your own custom applications. The user-friendly interface and full API support make it easy to integrate with other applications and streamline business connectivity. Quickbase also offers a wide range of automation features and customization options. For example, you can create custom forms and fields and run unlimited reports. It also offers developer sandbox capabilities, enabling you to build and customize your application in any way you see fit.

Quickbase offers three monthly subscription plans. The first, QuickBase Essential, costs $15 per month and is suitable for teams of up to 10 users. The next level, QuickBase Premier, costs $25 per month and adds customizable apps and advanced workflow automation. The enterprise plan comes with 100 customizable apps and corporate director integration. In addition, the API is robust and there are plenty of online help resources to assist you with any questions you have.

Quickbase helps project teams collaborate with ease. Team members can stay in touch, get work done faster, and create dashboards to track progress. Moreover, it allows users to gain transparency into their business processes with easy-to-understand reports, customized to meet specific needs. In addition, Quickbase integrates with many popular IDM solutions.

Quick Base can connect disparate databases to create a more powerful platform for data mashups. This is one of its core features and helps businesses solve the challenges faced by data management. Apart from the ability to connect to disparate data silos, Quick Base also provides users with a drag-and-drop editor. Users can also customize reports and share them with others.

Agile Project Management Software

Quickbase Software is a cloud-based Agile Project Management Software that keeps your team on track. It offers a clear view of project milestones and action items and automates workflows. You can also customize the tool to suit your specific needs. With Quick Base, you can assign tasks, manage documents, and monitor deadlines.

Quickbase integrates with existing systems, platforms, and data so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you need to change something. It supports full API integrations and enables you to create complex workflows to match your business processes. The software is easy to use and mature. Most questions can be answered on the community forums, and Quickbase’s support team is quick and efficient.

The platform is designed for project delivery, from initial project estimates to client billing. It also supports Agile and Scrum methodologies. While it was initially designed for accounting firms, it has evolved into a flexible project management solution. The major drawbacks include limited customization options and inflexible scalability. However, the service is free for up to three collaborators.

QuickBase also has a powerful feature that lets you create your own custom software. This feature is accessible to people with no coding experience. Instead of waiting for a developer to create the software, users simply list the features they want and put it all together in QuickBase. From there, QuickBase will create a solution that suits your team’s needs.

Agile project management is a culture of continuous improvement. It encourages changes at every stage of the project as circumstances and conditions change. By using agile principles, teams can improve their outcomes, while lowering their costs.


The company continues to invest in verticals with complex projects, such as the built environment. It recently announced an open beta for an Autodesk connector and a Procore channel. It plans to release other connectors later this year. The company also announced the addition of multiple new features for the Quickbase platform.

QuickBase is a web-based application that enables users to develop and customize apps without the need for coding knowledge. The application offers over 700 customizable apps created by experts, making it very easy to create and modify a customized interface for your needs. In addition to this, QuickBase allows you to create and manage teams. You can also customize the look of the dashboard with custom search boxes and buttons.

QuickBase allows you to organize data with forms. You can edit records individually or en masse and filter, sort, and group data. The application also lets you manage and invite users to edit data. This allows you to make changes to data without re-entering it. QuickBase also offers customizable reports.

Quickbase continues to invest in a global ecosystem. It has expanded its services to the UK and launched a data center in the EU. It has also expanded relationships with global system integrators and partners to offer support for its users. With a rapidly growing customer base, the company is positioned to continue its momentum.