wood chip boilers

Discover the innovative features and unparalleled efficiency of Crown Royal Stove’s wood chip boilers, designed to redefine heating systems with its advanced technology and sustainable fuel options.

Automated Convenience

Our wood chip boilers boast an automated feed system with a storage bin, strategically located next to your fuel storage for maximum convenience. Typically requiring refills only once a week (or longer), depending on external temperatures and BTU requirements, it offers hassle-free operation, ensuring uninterrupted warmth when you need it most. Plus, its versatility extends to burning various fuel types, including wood chips, wood pellets, coal, and silage, providing exceptional value and accessibility for users seeking cost-effective heating alternatives.

Enhanced Combustion Efficiency

Equipped with shaker grates and an ash pan design, our wood chip boilers is engineered for quick and easy cleaning, minimizing maintenance efforts and maximizing performance. The introduction of combustion air under the grates and additional air injection from above the fire ensures a hotter, cleaner burn, effectively reducing fuel consumption and emissions for a more environmentally friendly heating solution.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Utilizing locally sourced, renewable fuel, our wood chip boilers exemplifies energy efficiency and environmental responsibility, making it the preferred choice for discerning consumers. With virtually any existing heating system convertible to accommodate Crown Royal Biomass Furnaces, transitioning to sustainable heating has never been easier or more accessible.

Superior Construction and Performance

Featuring triple pass heat exchangers and stainless steel heat transfer tubes, our wood chip boilers achieves the highest possible efficiencies, ultimately leading to reduced fuel consumption and lower heating costs. Additionally, equipped with a turbo draft fan for secondary combustion, it further optimizes performance while minimizing emissions. Constructed with 409 Titanium Enhanced Stainless Steel, the firebox and outer drum ensure exceptional corrosion resistance and heat transfer efficiency, guaranteeing durability and longevity.

Tailored Heating Solutions

Available in one model with a heating capacity ranging from 300,000 to 950,000 BTUs, our Biomass Series offers versatility to meet varying heating demands. Whether for residential or commercial applications, our wood chip boilers delivers unmatched performance and reliability, ensuring superior comfort and cost savings for every user.

Outdoor Commercial Biomass Boiler

For commercial settings requiring robust heating solutions, our outdoor commercial biomass boiler offers unparalleled performance and efficiency. Designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor environments while delivering consistent, reliable heating, it serves as the ideal solution for businesses seeking sustainable heating alternatives.

Experience the future of heating with Crown Royal Stove’s wood chip boilers, where innovation meets sustainability to redefine comfort and efficiency in heating systems. Join the movement towards eco-friendly heating solutions and elevate your heating experience today.

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