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Disability insurance is a cover that is assured by the insurance company when you are not in a physical condition to do work and earn because of disability caused due an accident, injury or illness.

To understand the self-employed disability insurance let’s first get to know the meaning of disability insurance. Disability insurance works on the agreement between the two parties namely the insurance-policy holder and the insurer in which the company promises to provide you a monthly benefit in exchange of your premiums if you experience a event which causes disability.

Benefits of disability insurance for self employed

  • Financial protector: – disability insurance becomes your best friend and acts as a financial protector when you are going from the Disability phase.
  • It helps focusing on recovery: – if you don’t have disability insurance certainly loss of opportunities to do work and earn will make your life more stressful and it will halt the process of recover but when you have well-defined disability insurance than the recovery period becomes easier with a good mental health as well.
  • Replacement of income :- Self-employed individuals don’t have a regular or fixed income sources as their income depends on market forces so, if self-employed individuals get disability due to injury, accident or illness then they don’t have enough savings that can support their expenses in the financial distressed times due to disability.
  • Customizable plans: – insurance policy holder doesn’t have to worry about customizing the policy as it can be customized anytime according to the changing times and needs.
  • Provides high premium:- self-employed disability insurance provides high premium especially when you enroll into the policy in the healthy times because more the policy is older more premium you will get.
  • Claiming of insurance is easy and the waiting period is also less as the companies do understand the financial vulnerability of self-employed individuals.
  • All monthly expenses can be covered through the self-employed disability insurance from rent or mortgage payments on your business facilities, business loan repayments and others monthly expenses such as paying bills to grocery etc.
  • Having self-employed disability insurance makes you self-reliant as you don’t have to bother about your finances because of disability, the company will we’ll take care of your expenses.
  • Gig economy workers or self-employed individuals are considered most vulnerable by considering their financial insecurity they may face due to disability.
  • Self-employed disability insurance can be taken of either short term disability or long term disability insurance depending upon your best suited needs and future plans.
  • Policy mentioned for self-employed disability insurance is easy to understand and the information provided is mentioned in the most simplistic way from understanding the terms and conditions of policy before enrolling to claiming of the insurance.

Self-employed disability individuals get the financial safety net for you by just getting an insurance policy ready for you. You should be the best friend of yourself so take a timely decision for securing your future.