Truck accidents are becoming increasingly frequent today in Manhattan. We are privy to this as we hear about fatal traffic accidents every day, whether they involve cars or trucks. A seasoned truck accident attorney can assist you if you were injured in a truck accident. To learn more about the causes and liability, reach out to an attorney today. 

A commercial truck accident involves several liable parties. Thus, you may require the assistance of an attorney who can handle every part of your claim and act in your best interests.

Some ways an attorney can help you:

If you have an attorney behind you, they can come in handy if you feel lost as to how to go about the procedure. An attorney can help by getting hold of all event and accident reports, speaking with witnesses, doing a site visit to the accident’s location, taking pictures of damages and the location where the said accident happened, retaining truck engineers or accident reconstruction specialists for reviews, getting hold of all of your EMS, medical, and hospital records, consulting medical professionals, and if required, preparing your case for a jury trial. 

Who is liable for the accident?

Knowing who is responsible for the injured party in any truck incident is challenging. The truck driver, the trucking firm, the truck manufacturer, or governmental organisations may all be held accountable for your injuries.

If more than one party was involved in your crash, you will need to take legal action against each of them at the same time to receive your full compensation. And for this, you’ll need to work with a qualified attorney who has the necessary background to handle cases involving multiple defendants. 

Are you entitled to monetary compensation?

Yes, and an attorney will help you claim damages. The compensation includes compensation for your injuries that caused pain and suffering in the present and future, your inability to enjoy life, loss of perks from a job or of past and future income, medical expenses, and other personal expenses. 

Every situation is unique. Depending on the particular circumstances of your case, you might be eligible for compensation for additional damages. 

Final thoughts:

As an accident victim, you might be unsure of the appropriate legal course of action to take to build your case for trial. Your attorney can thoroughly examine your case, track down the required proof and qualified witnesses, and choose the best course of action to ensure you receive all the compensation you are due.