Looking for a thrill ride or indulging in adventure sports? Then, look no way other than Dubai. Dubai has been a sporting haven for adventure enthusiasts with numerous such attractions spread across the city. Whether it is skiing or sky diving from an outstanding elevation, Dubai has it all. Sports and adventure freaks can take the thrill of the events conducted here and cherish them as memories over a longer time. The top 6 thrill and adventure rides in Dubai are forecasted below for adventure seekers to enjoy.

Xline Dubai Marina Zipline

Individuals wanting to enjoy the aerial view of Dubai with a dose of thrill can book the Xline Dubai Marina. This zipline constitutes a 170-meter distance starting from Amwaj Towers upto the Dubai Marina mall. Adventure seekers can enjoy the vivid Dubai skyline above as the rush down past at a speed of 80 kmph. It is a great thrilling ride and is topped with the best security protocols for safety purposes.

Skydiving Dubai

Skydiving in Dubai is an excellent sports activity that can amaze our senses to a different level. Skydiving at Dubai is mainly conducted at 2 different places as per the choices. Individuals can opt for the majestic Palm Islands and get a picturesque view of the amazing architecture while some can check the urban desert dunes from a height of over 13,000 feet. It simply feels like soaring as a bird and glancing over the wonders of the nature.

Sunrise Desert safari, Dubai

The Sunrise Desert Safari is another thrilling tour for adventure lovers across the desert of Dubai. Individuals can enjoy the morning sun as they tour past the desert in their private SUVs. Tourists can also stop by and try a hand in sandboarding during the sunrise desert safari in Dubai. After clicking pictures for your social media handles, visitors can check the desert gazelles and oryx in the wildlife while enjoying a picnic here. Tourists an also visit the Al Qudra lake and the Al Marmoom Desert Conservation center to end the day of their tour.

Jet Ski Dubai

Jet skiing in Dubai is yet another thrilling ride to enjoy the coastline and the sparkling Dubai waters. The ride is available at the Dubai Marina and can be a delight to behold with the help of a professional and trained guide. Individuals opting for the Jet Ski Dubai can find private places on the water for taking bewildering pics and selfies for their record. Among the landmarks to view, tourists get to watch the Burj Al Arab, Sheik’s Private Island, Lagoon and Jumeirah beach Residence to name a few.

Water Jetpack Dubai

The Water Jetpack is the newest sport in the block and features a water jetpack to walk our way through the sea waters. This is a 30-minute session and includes a 10-minute instructional class from the professional instructor there. After the instructional session, the guide continuously communicates with the user for proper balancing and to make the experience an enjoyable one for us. Individuals can even click their pictures during action with the pretty Dubai landmarks as the backdrop.

Skiing Dubai

Ever imagined a snowy hill in the middle of a desert? Dubai made that happen with a snowclad skiing circuit within the Mall of Emirates located in the Sheikh Zayed Road. Sports lovers can enjoy the sport of skiing here under the surveillance of trained professionals. This place also accommodates a physical ski resort with ramps and rails and even challenges for the pros to undertake. Kids and youngsters can also enjoy watching the live penguins here and even sip on a hot chocolate for a break.

In a Nutshell

Inconclusion, the above are the 6 most thrilling adventure rides to avail while being on a trip to Dubai. Individuals can enjoy jet skiing over the cool blue gulf waters or can even go ziplining over colossal buildings. Dubai has the best thrill rides to enjoy and is certainly a place for sports enthusiasts to feel an adrenaline rush.