In the world of gemstone, Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj is regarded as Lord of all types of gems. As the name says it all, Pukhraj simply means a ‘yellow gem’. In the Consecrated Scriptures, sapphire is reliably described as being around the Throne of God. Since the medieval times passed to modern, the significance of gemstone in astrology for healing properties has massively increased. You have no idea how this gemstone is taken as one of the top gemstones in the world of these stones. You can check out Khannagems for buying this stone right away.

The innate charm and beauty of Pukhraj has become so famous that in second half of the twentieth century saw sudden rise in the requirement of Pukhraj. Many Yellow Sapphires have been being vended across the world for millions of dollars in diverse auctions. More and more people wear this gemstone for its immense goodness and amazing perks.

Actually this Yellow Sapphire or even Pukhraj represents the hugest and one of the most impactful planets of the solar system Jupiter. Yellow sapphire stone advantages the wearer in the shape of immense financial enrichment, well-being, boosting the overall happiness, knowledge and even bringing honour and success.

Astrological worth :

From numerous centuries, Pukhraj have been getting used by every generation for diverse types of reasons. Pukhraj gives the wearer the overall power to take right decisions.

 &even advantage the planet of Jupiter, which is also the hugest planet in the solar system. It is the planet of creativity, even intelligence, spirituality, and also progress. Pukhraj is the gemstone that guides action in the most positive & even harmonious way and balance the overall inner & outer power in your body.

It is strongly believed that yellow sapphire carries out the action and as well as monitor the overall mind of the wearer. In astrology, Pukhraj is taken as the best gem amongst all gemstones. That is the reason that it is well-intentioned to be worn by all. The potent yellow ray it has strengthens the health of the skin, even digestive system, and helps to live healthy as well as harmonious life.

Who should wear this gemstone?

Well, this Pukhraj is a powerful and effective gemstone and is worn by folks from all sun signs. This enriching gemstone fetches along multifarious astrological benefits. Pukhraj is worn for wedding purposes, and to cement the family relations. It can even be worn for children & prosperity at the work. It signifies overall knowledge, virtue, wisdom, fortune, justice, education, future, religion, even philosophy, devotion, kids, distant travel, truthfulness, spirituality, prosperity and charity. But to avail the overall benefits of wearing Pukhraj, one requires to wear authentic gemstones purchased from just genuine sources.

Helps you in resolving marital issues 

Resolving the marital problem is one of the prime perks of wearing Pukhraj. A genuine Yellow Sapphire is considered to be beneficial for the girl or even boy seeking an ideal match. The ones who face challenges in finding a suitable match can even get benefited by wearing this gem. It is believed that this stone can aid them to overcome delays in getting married. It even helps sort all kinds of marital problems for the married lot. Such is the stone that invokes love and passion between husband and even wife and works as ray of hope for even their relation. So in the hope to bring soothe in marital problems you should wear Yellow sapphire gemstone.

Overall wellbeing 

Most of the people wear this gemstone to experience goodness in their life.  This is the auspicious gemstone that is considered as the source of good health, wealth and even over all well-being of the bearer. Of course, you would find a good boost in your well-being once you wear this gemstone.

Boosts your ambitions 

It might interest you that the yellow sapphire or Pukhraj stone benefits by favouring the stars of the ones who are ambitious and even give wings to their dreams. In case you work hard and combines your efforts with the power of a genuine Yellow Sapphire, there would be no looking back for you. Of course, if you feel that you are ambitious and you want to strengthen this area of your life, wearing this gemstone would be a good move.

Spread and boost love 

This gemstone is also known to bring together lost lovers, even rekindle the spark in their love life and bring overall happiness in the relationship. The couple can easily tread on a fresh path of togetherness and even enhance the quality of life. If you feel that your life is becoming less romantic or the love is taking exit from your bonds and relations then this gemstone is going to be a great plus to your life. You should wear this stone and experience the goodness it has to share with you.

Better knowledge 

In case you focus on acquiring knowledge and working hard, nothing can really keep you away from turning the dreams into the reality. This, blended with the power of a genuine and effective Yellow Sapphire, can do real time wonders! You can be sure that you get better knowledge in your life. You would be more knowledge in different areas of your life.

Stay creative and innovative 

Doing a balancing task of the chakras in your body, Pukhraj is popular and known to have a positive impact on your expression and communication and channelizing the overall thoughts. Thereby bringing the innovative and creative side of the brain to the front. Of course, you can be sure that your life becomes more creative and innovative with the addition of this gemstone. If you feel that you are too dry or formal in your ways or working and you have to bring a creative pinch to it for making it more impactful, wear yellow sapphire and experience the gains it has to offer.


To sum up, since you know many of the benefits of wearing Pukhraj gemstone, make sure that you wear it if it suits your horoscope. Speak to a professional astrologer today.