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When Should You Opt for a Rigid Box?

Luxury packaging is the first step in creating an upmarket brand, which is necessary for an upscale brand to exist. For companies in the luxury goods industry, nothing says “class” quite like a bespoke Custom Kraft Rigid Boxes. It radiates an impression of elegance that is essential to luxury goods such as cosmetics, technology, beautiful candles, and expensive meals.

Because of the sturdy character of a high-quality Custom Kraft Rigid Boxes, its attractiveness grows among individuals who are ready to invest in a high-quality goods, which ultimately results in your product getting a top shelf position.

The majority of Custom Kraft Rigid Boxes can also be used as keepsake boxes, either for the purpose of storing the object for which they were intended or for holding other cherished possessions. Your customers will be left with a package that is more sustainable and long-lasting as a result of this, but the price of your high-quality box will be more as a result of this as well.

It will be more expensive to ship you a stiff box made of chipboard rather than corrugated cardboard since it will not fold flat and will thus be more difficult to transport. Because of its higher starting price, the Custom Kraft Rigid Boxes is not a viable option for the vast majority of businesses who sell subscription boxes. The good news is that even while bespoke Custom Kraft Rigid Boxes start at a higher price range initially, you still have a lot of intriguing design possibilities to choose from for your business.

A coating with a gentle hand

After you have decided to package your premium item inside of a bespoke Custom Kraft Rigid Boxes, the next thing you need to do is consider the aesthetic details of the packaging.

When it comes to the design of a luxury box, you want to keep things as straightforward as possible. To convey the idea that you are selling a luxury item, all you need is a straightforward presentation that features the emblem of your firm superimposed on a background of a single colour.

Once you have decided on an unobtrusive design for your Custom Kraft Rigid Boxes, one of the most popular alternatives for personalising the box is to apply a soft-touch coating, often known as soft-touch film lam. Your package receives a more upscale impression as a result of the velvety texture that provides a sense of touch to the presentation.

At the same time, the increased durability of your package is a direct result of the upscale finish. The coating will prevent scuffs from appearing on your design and will prevent water from getting into your packing. A soft-touch film lam coating is a coating that serves multiple functions, the primary one of which is to increase the attraction of your packaging to your buyer.

Spot Gloss Ultra Violet

Spot gloss UV is the only thing that can balance out an understated soft-touch coating. This would be the way to go if you were searching for a technique to really make your logo or other subtle design aspects stand out from the rest of the design.

There is a possibility that a folding box will be coated in UV, which will give it a bright and shiny appearance. However, a Kraft Rigid Boxes will not have this feature. A Kraft Rigid Boxes would be coated with a matte or satin film lam in order to give the impression of a high-end product, and spot UV would be used to provide a subtle contrast in the coating. In spite of its discreet and luxury appearance as a whole, the design of the eye-catching splash of gloss contributes subtly to the overall attractiveness.

Embossing and foil stamping

Both foiling and embossing are examples of design features that appeal to customers on distinct but complementary levels.

The use of foil stamping on your Kraft Rigid Boxes produces an attractive visual contrast in a manner that is comparable to that produced by spot UV. In contrast, embossing provides your customers with a gratifying tactile sensation and lends an air of posh satisfaction to the Kraft Rigid Boxes you are selling them.

In many instances, a logo will be foiled and embossed in order to make it stand out more than it would otherwise. Other types of embossing include a flat emboss, which is similar to the cap that is placed on a seal, a deboss, and a sculpted emboss, which has a look that is similar to three dimensions. If you choose the proper package company, they will assist you in determining which choice would be most suitable for your business.

Paper Wrapping

Working with a hard box as opposed to a folding carton provides you with an incredible number of additional design alternatives. One of these alternatives, which in point of fact comprise thousands upon thousands of options, is the use of paper wrapping.

If you wrap your box with fine paper, you can give it a surface that is as smooth as silk. This is something that simply cannot be accomplished with a folding carton. If a smooth finish isn’t what you’re going for, paper wrapping comes in a wide range of textured varieties that you can choose from. For instance, if you are producing a fragrance for guys, you might find that having a leathery texture is beneficial to your product.

The experience that you want your clients to have when they are holding your goods in their hands is the most important thing to focus on. When they take it down from the shelf and pick it up, what do you want them to experience? What kind of an impression do you want to make on them when they take a look inside your beautifully crafted box for the first time and notice all of the little elements that went into making it?

When you design a high-end product, you want customers to understand the level of luxury that lies behind your brand name and logo. That message must be conveyed via the packaging you use. You need to work with a high-quality manufacturer to make the greatest packaging for your business if you want to have the kind of branding that carries immediate awareness. This can only be accomplished if you deal with a manufacturer that is of a high enough quality. The renown of your brand is directly proportional to your ability to create packaging that is just as appealing as the product it contains.