Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur, is Southeast Asia’s biggest tourist haven. From wonderful tourist attractions to the tastiest foods, Kuala Lumpur has everything for a memorable vacation. No wonder people from all over the world love to come here for a vacation. If you too are one of those people who have their Malaysia visa and are coming here, here are some unmissable famous tourist attractions in Kuala Lumpur that you must check out: 

Petronas Towers 

Arguably the most famous address in Malaysia, Petronas Towers are the tallest twin towers in the world. They stand a height of 451 metres (1483 feet) making them 88 storeys high. On the 41st and 42nd floors, the towers are connected by a glass bridge, which is the main tourist attraction. The view from here is just magnificent. However, this is not just a place where you go to catch the views and come back. The lower floor of the Petronas Towers are home to Suria KLCC, which is a shopping mall with more than 300 stores. Great views and awesome deals – you can find it all at the Petronas Towers. 

Batu Caves 

One of the most amazing Kuala Lumpur tourist attractions is Batu Cave. Dedicated to Lord Murugan, the Cathedral Cave (93 metres) is the main cave where Lord Murugan’s 43-metre statue and temple stand. There are also beautiful cave formations that look beautiful when the light hits them. To get here, you’ll have to climb 272 steps so be ready to exercise a little. This place is in full swing during Hindu festivals so do check it out during that time. The 2nd cave, Dark Cave, is also worth seeing. 

Bukit Bintang – Kuala Lumpur’s Shopping District 

Kuala Lumpur sightseeingcannot be complete with this place. Bukit Bintang is the place where everyone from the city comes to shop. Now, when you come here, make sure you have time because you are easily going to lose track of time checking out all the street markets, retail stores, and shopping centres. And if you get hungry exploring and shopping at these places, many restaurants and cafes serve some delicious and authentic Malay food. End your day with a nice massage or spa treatment as this place also has the best spas. This is one place shopaholics shouldn’t miss. 

Sunway Lagoon Theme Park 

88 acres of pure fun, this theme park, just 45-minutes outside of Kuala Lumpur, is oodles of fun. And why not, it has over 100 attractions, experiences, and rides that will keep you entertained throughout. Divided into 6 zones – Sunway (waterpark), Amusement Park, Scream Park (Haunted House), Wildlife Park, Nickelodeon’s Lagoon, and Extreme Park – have something for everyone. Most tourists love to come here early and enjoy a full day exploring so many things. But it is still not enough to see it all. Sunway Lagoon Theme Park is easy to get to, and if you get a chance to see the place, see it in October. It is extra special with spooky themes. It truly is one of the most interesting places in Kuala Lumpur. 

KLCC Park 

Right near the Petronas Towers is the KLCC Park. The 50-acre park is one of the most unique Kuala Lumpur Malaysia tourist spots because of its design, creation, and purpose. KLCC Park has a healthy mix of man-made sculptures, buildings and flora. The trees and plantations here are so diverse that it attracts various local and migratory birds from all over the country and nearby regions. The biodiversity here is mind-boggling. Another place in the park you must see is Lake Symphony. It is a musical fountain. KLCC Park is just amazing. 

These are the best unmissable tourist attractions, but some other Kuala Lumpur must-visit places that you also should see are Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur Tower, and National Museum.