Toner is a liquid-based product that you can apply on your skin using your fingers, or cotton ball. The purpose of a toner is to prepare your skin for using other products like moisturizers, serums, and other beauty products. It is used before applying another product.

When it comes to skincare, toner has taken the back seat, and other products like moisturizers, serums, and cleansers started ruling the industry. Some Skin toner may contain alcohol, which is used to cause dryness and stimulates oiliness. That bad phase has passed, and now skin toner is available in a better version of itself. Blushlin has launched the best facial toner with research, and its product will not harm your skin. Still, if your skin dries or is facing any other problem, move to another product.

Benefits of Skin Toner

  • Remove Oil and Makeup

Cleanser’s purpose is to remove makeup still, the residue of makeup, and the oiliness left behind on your skin. Because of this, your skin is not ready for the next round of makeup. If you continue using makeup without removing the oiliness and residue of makeup, your skin will respond in a bad manner. Consider applying the best facial toner to prepare for the next round of makeup.

  • Hydrates Your Skin

Your skin needs to be hydrated after cleansing, and skin toner helps you to achieve that. When you apply moisturizer just after applying skin toner, it locks moisturizer into your skin and helps your skin to keep hydrated.

  • Soothes the Skin

Using the best facial toner is essential for your skin. Your skin may get stressed by using different types of beauty products. It may cause side effects like redness and irritation. Use the best product that doesn’t have side effects, Blushlin has the best natural products that will soothe your skin. 

  • Reduce the Pores Size

Toner will help your pores to appear small and give you clan skin. 

  • Maintain the PH Level

Usually, beauty products disturb the PH level and all the toner can bring back or maintain the PH level.

Toner for Different Skin Types

The effectiveness of toner also depends upon using the right set of toner. You may not get the desired result without using the skin toner according to your skin type. Let’s see all the skin types.

  • Normal

This skin type has balanced skin, but you can feel dehydration in your skin. Use a toner that can hydrate the skin.

  • Dry

The problem with this skin type is it gets dehydrated easily. So consider using a toner that can hydrate your skin.

  • Oily

Oily skin causes problems like pimples on your face, using toners that contain BHA can help you to deal with oily skin.

  • Sensitive

If you have sensitive skin, be careful when choosing toner. Choose the toner that can heal and will not irritate the skin.

Why Should You Use Toner?

You should use skin toner if you have oily skin and use makeup regularly. Oily skin can lead to pimples, and using beauty products on oily skin without removing can harm your skin. If you use only cleanser for removing the makeup, you should consider your decision. Cleanser can’t remove 100% makeup and can’t remove the oiliness of your skin; you should try using toner once. Or you have used toner in the past, which has badly impacted your skin. Don’t worry; Blushlin has the best toner for your skin, you’ll be amazed after seeing its result, and the secret is it doesn’t harm your skin.

The Best Facial Toner

  • Skin Balancing Toner (Niacinamide+Probiotic)

When you use this toner, it doesn’t feel heavy on your skin because of its lightweight properties. It contains niacinamide that will help your skin to be hydrated and reduce the pores. It’ll help your skin to be smooth, soft, and refreshed, and prepare your skin for the next round of makeup.

You can use it in the morning or night and don’t use it on wet skin. If any problem occurs, discontinue using it and consult with the doctor.

  • Clear Body Spray(2% BHA – Body Acne)

It contains BHA which is oil-soluble acid used to deal with the dead cell. For better results use it on a daily basis and it’ll help you get softer and smoother skin. It also has several benefits like preventing new breakouts, calming redness, and reducing oiliness. 

You can use it in the morning or at night, and spray it on the affected area. Avoid spraying directly on your face and don’t use it on wet skin. If moisturizer is needed to apply, wait until the toner dries.

  • Gentle Skin Soothing Toner(Ceramide+Allantoin)

This toner is specially used to moisturize the skin, prepare the skin for using other beauty products, and helps with signs of aging.

Use it either in the morning or at night. Avoid applying on wet skin.


Alcohol has made a bad impact on skin toner as it is used to create side effects on the skin. With time research has been organized on this topic, and a new version of toner has launched after that. Now It helps you to get rid of oiliness and residue of makeup on your skin and helps to get fresh skin and reduce the size of the pores. If you are a regular user of beauty products consider using toner, it’ll help your skin prepare for the next round of makeup and don’t let happen any side effects on your skin. If you want to get the natural and essential oil-free beauty product available in India. Visit the Blushlin website and order from it to get the maximum benefits.