People can cook tasty and delicious food when they have the right kitchen appliances. Various masalas, oils, frying, and grilling are used in Indian cooking to enhance its taste. It results in stains on walls, tiles, and ceilings, as well as health issues like headaches, breathing difficulties, and allergies.

There are different sizes of kitchen chimneys to accommodate medium/large kitchen spaces and to prevent harmful gases from entering the room. For a hassle-free cooking experience, the Kaff chimney has advanced filtration technology and auto-clean functionality.

The wide range of brands and features on the market makes it necessary to consider a few things like the type of chimney, suction power, filters, auto-cleaning functions, indicators, timers, detachable oil collectors, heat sensors, and so on. Now let’s talk about each in detail!

Size of the Chimney

Chimney size is one of the most important things you need to consider before purchasing one. The performance of the Kaff chimney is affected by it. Your stove should first be checked for size. It is not recommended to have a wall-mounted chimney smaller than your stove if you want the best results. 

It is recommended that your chimney be larger than the size of your stove to get the best results. Additionally, make sure your cabinet is the right size. Fitting the chimney into your kitchen should be a breeze.

There are a variety of kitchen chimney sizes available, but the most common sizes in India are 60 cm and 90 cm. It is enough to have a wall-mounted chimney of 60 cm for a stove with 2-4 burners. You can opt for a 90 cm chimney if your stove has 3-5 burners.

Suction Power of the Chimney

A chimney’s performance is determined by its suction power. This is the motor’s capacity to pull in air, measured in cubic meters per hour. In order to determine a chimney’s effectiveness, you will need to consider this factor. 

Suction power is important when choosing a chimney. Higher suction power chimneys are more effective than chimneys with low suction power. By multiplying the kitchen’s volume by 10, you can determine its suction power. In an Indian kitchen with an ideal size, suction power should range between 500 and 1000 m3/hr.

Types of Air Filters

A Baffle filter consists of multiple layers of stainless steel panels curved in a specific manner. These multiple curved layers trap all the oil and grease sucked into the chimney through the Kaff chimney. The Auto Clean(Filterless) models have a turbine blower made of aluminum that passes cooking fumes through. 

Centrifugal forces cause oil particles to move toward the blower wall and collect in convenient, easy-to-clean collectors/bowls. Cassette filters consist of multiple layers of aluminum mesh containing tiny holes. Air is sucked into these holes, separated from oil and grime, and then passed through PVC pipes to be expelled outside. 

Amount of noise produced by chimneys

Noise levels are another aspect of chimneys that you should consider. Many people dislike kitchen chimneys because they make a lot of noise. But all chimneys make some noise, but some make a lot of noise. Furthermore, when there is a lot of noise, it is hard to hear others clearly. Consider a soundproof or low-noise kitchen chimney.

Auto Clean Feature

Chimneys have the convenience of auto-cleaning, making cleaning extremely simple and hassle-free. Time and effort are saved as a result of this feature. As well as that, it automatically cleans your chimney with just a touch of a button.


Before buying a Kaff chimney, it is important to consider the price. Choosing one that fits your budget is the best decision you can make. Be sure to consider all aspects before purchasing a chimney. As for the price, it mainly depends on the chimney’s size and design.


A brand of kitchen wall should offer a good warranty on the wall-mounted chimney. Our article also mentioned the best kitchen chimney brands that provide a good warranty. That’s something you need to keep in mind.

After-Sale Service

The after-sale services offered are critical when purchasing a wall-mounted chimney. As your chimney will develop some problems sooner or later, a superior after-sale service will ensure that you will resolve those issues quickly. Otherwise, it is a challenge if the after-sale service isn’t good.

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