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Truck accidents are very different from other motor vehicle accidents in several aspects. First of all, the lack of regulation in the business dealings of trucks often leads to serious consequences for victims, their families, and any other individuals involved in the accident. So, it is important that you contact a Houston truck accident attorney right away if you have been seriously injured or have lost someone close due to a trucking incident.

In truck accidents, not only the truck drivers are held liable. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, you may hold the trucking company, its insurance, or even other parties involved in the accident liable for personal injuries you and your family have suffered. And that makes truck accidents even more complicated.

Let us now look into the different parties that can be held liable for truck accidents in Houston.

1. Truck drivers

Truck drivers are probably the most responsible parties in a truck accident. A significant number of truck drivers are new to the job and they do not hold proper driving licenses. Lack of proper training lead to mistakes that can cause severe injuries or even death for other road users. 

2. Truck manufacturers

Vehicle manufacturers are often involved in lawsuits after a serious truck accident. They are held liable if it is the defective parts of a vehicle that led to accidents. For instance, if the brakes have failed, the manufacturer would be responsible.

3. Truck companies

After a truck accident, you can hold the trucking company responsible for the incident. The trucking company can be held liable if it violated any safety rules. For example, if the company failed to terminate or replace a driver who reported several accidents for preventing further incidents of accidents, the trucking company can be held liable.

4. Truck maintenance companies

You can also hold a truck maintenance company responsible for truck accidents. A truck that isn’t well maintained as per the safety guidelines or trucking regulations, then it will end up leading to more accidents, causing serious injuries and even death.

5. Truck loading companies

Generally, you can hold a truck loading company responsible for an accident that occurred due to its negligence. For instance, if the truck was overloaded and did not have proper safety equipment to hold the load, then you can successfully sue that truck loading company.