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Feline fur babies often seek warm spots to rest or nap their way into cat dreams. The sunbeams streaming through the living room or kitchen windows, out on the lawn on a sunny morning, on top of a heat vent, and kitchen counters are some favorite cat places to sleep and unwind lazily.

Ask cat owners, and they will tell you how they try to keep their homes warm and inviting. Although sunbathing can positively impact your furry royalty’s health, spending too much time in the sun may lead to dehydration, overheating, and sunburn. 

Keep an eye out for your pet’s activities, provide it with lots of fresh water to drink, and consider being prepared with cheap pet insurance in the least so dealing with health emergencies resulting from exposure to harsh sun and so on need not be a significant economic hassle. 

Contemplate purchasing cat insurance, so your frisky feline has a medical backup to lean on during dire health circumstances with only a bit of financial burden. In the meantime, read this article to learn why kitties prefer resting in sunny areas inside the home.

Common reasons why kitties crave warmth

Note that not all kitties love sunbathing. This is attributed to the fact that long-haired cats can better conserve body heat than short-haired cats. So, a short-haired feline sunbathing shouldn’t be surprising at all. However, regardless of age, breed, and coat type, cats may love to snuggle up to their owners under cozy blankets for the following reasons.

Genetic factors

Domestic cats have evolved from wild cats that lived in hot regions like the Middle East, Cyprus, Israel, Iraq, Syria, Africa, Europe, and Asia. Their ancestors were genetically programmed to tolerate the hot climate and passed on those traits to further generations. This could be one reason why your kitty pal looks for warm places, whether indoors or outdoors.

Dietary habits

Cats are obligate carnivores, and their protein-rich diet may not help much in preserving body heat. Proteins, unlike carbohydrates, do not provide the extra energy needed to maintain body temperature. So, your cat may lie down in a sunny area, especially during chilly weather.

To sleep well

A cat’s body temperature slightly drops when asleep; naturally, it may look for warm places to compensate for the chill experienced. 

Finding a warm place can be the first step your cat takes to prepare for a comfortable snooze in the sunshine; you may also notice your furry baby shifting its position as and when the sunlight moves.

Although sleeping in the sunlight can be comforting, know that feline fur babies can overheat on excessive exposure to it. Hyperthermia is a critical health condition to be in. Know that your kitty can lose heat only through its paw pads and panting.

Keep a check on your furball’s body temperature so you can provide it with the care it requires to cool down. Failing to provide timely assistance can lead to dehydration, seizures, organ dysfunction, coma, and even mortality.

Simultaneously, consider being equipped with cat insurance, so your furball is assured quality health care just in case something untoward happens with its health. Contemplate buying cheap pet insurance, at least, so your furry pet is covered for particular illnesses and medical emergencies.