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A handbag is, strictly speaking, a bag used for carrying personal things and money that is carried in hand or hung from a shoulder strap. The handbag is a compact bag used for carrying things.

Every modern lady should have a handbag in her closet since they are a necessary item of clothing. These accessories are awesome for dressing up or including visual interest to a fit, in addition to making it simple for you to carry about your daily necessities. For various situations and fashion preferences, there are several styles available.

A purse is more than simply a bag, similar to a handbag. Handbags come in a very large variety of styles. Do you know all of them? We do. Discover the wide varieties right here.

1- Accordion Handbag

Depending on the design, the accordion handbag may either be worn as a shoulder bag or held by a hand, thanks to its long or short strap.

Because the expanded sides of the accordion bag are its most distinguishing characteristic, both the length of the strap and the size of the bag fluctuate. In order to expand to store more goods as needed and to seem smaller when there are fewer items inside, accordion purses are created with sides that have additional material.

2- Flap Bag

One of the most famous handbag styles in fashion, the flap bag, was initially introduced by the well-known fashion designer Chanel. Numerous other brands have updated the flap bag, and it is unquestionably a trend that will endure.

Coco Chanel invented the flap bag in 1955 with a style that is now quite well-known. It’s a little bag with a big front flap closing and a chain shoulder strap.

Chanel has often reissued the flap bag in new variations, but its signature features—a tiny, angular shape, a chain strap, and a flap closure—remain.

3- Baguette Bag

The baguette bag was the initial “it” bag that every woman had to have when it first gained popularity in the late 1990s. One person—Carrie Bradshaw—is responsible for the baguette bag’s renown in the world of fashion. The Fendi baguette bag suddenly became the only handbag that mattered in the entire world when the legendary main character of “the City” used it.


The baguette bag is a slim, tapering handbag that does, in fact, resemble the French bread from which its name derives. It is a little bag with a short handle and flap closing that has become a storied figure in fashion history.

4- Barrel Bag

The barrel bag is a long, barrel-shaped handbag that is functional. Either a short handle or a shoulder-length strap is used to carry it. Travel is made easy with barrel bags.

Although the baguette bag is intended to rest flat, the barrel bag and the baguette bag are frequently mistaken for one another. The form of the barrel bag is unmistakably cylindrical, and it is often a little bigger than a baguette bag.

In order to provide a better drop and to accommodate the sporadic entrance into the medium-size category, this bag will frequently have somewhat longer straps as well. Depending on the precise design and size, this bag may be either fancy or casual.

5- Basket Bag

When it was regularly spotted on the arm of Jane Birkin in the 1970s, the basket bag—also known as a straw bag—became well-known. She was frequently seen carrying her basket handbag, which quickly rose to the top of the latest fashion trends.

But before it became a popular fashion accessory in the present era, individuals in the ancient era used to carry it.


There are many designs and sizes available for basket bags. The fact that they are weaved is crucial. Basket bags may feature a handle or a strap, depending on the style.

6- Bermuda Bag

The Bermuda bag is a circular bag with a detachable fabric cover and a wooden handle. In 1960, the phrase first started to be used. The Bermuda bag is a compact, lightweight bag available in a wide range of hues and patterns.

The bag gained enormous popularity in the 1980s and is now considered a vintage staple.

7- Boston Bag

The Boston bag was a must for any stylish woman living in the city from the 1860s until the 1890s. This was the female Bostonian’s bag.


The Boston bag measures approximately one foot in height and width. It features short handles and a flat bottom. The bag is closed with a strap. The bag is frequently constructed of leather.

8- Bucket Bag

When you need a spacious, daily bag that yet looks good, the bucket bag is the ideal option. Five bottles may fit inside the first bucket bag. Since then, other designers have produced bucket bags in a variety of sizes and shapes.


The bucket bag and the basket bag are somewhat comparable, although the base of the bucket bag is often spherical as opposed to rectangular. The edges of the bucket bag are less rigid than those of other self-standing bags, and it is frequently higher than it is wide.

The drawstring clasp, larger strap, and short handles of the bucket bag are additional distinctive features. It resembles a mix between a bowling bag and a basket bag in this regard.

9- Duffle Bag

The duffel bag is a traditional travel companion, but it also makes a darling handbag in smaller sizes. Duffel bags have a cylinder form and are made to hold a lot of things. Typically, duffel bags contain a shoulder strap in addition to carry handles. The word “duffel bag” can also be spelled that way.


Due to its larger capacity, the duffle bag typically features rounded ends and a longer strap. There are smaller shapes and pricey designer models available as well, yet the most popular kind of duffle bag is bigger and better suited for casual and athletic use. However, you don’t often wear this purse with a sophisticated outfit.

10- Frame Bag

The Renaissance saw the widespread adoption of frame bag designs, with many bags manufactured in the 1400s having metal frames covered in leather or cloth. As handbag technologies advanced, frame bags became less prevalent, yet history demonstrates that these bags will reappear again and time again.


The frame bag has made a comeback on the present fashion scene. Even when a handbag is resting on an irregular surface, such as a bed or couch, a sturdy foundation may hold it upright. If you’re concerned about storing your luggage somewhere where it could tip over on its side, this is the ideal bag to carry.

The frame bag’s trapezoidal shape is a little different and offers straight lines for both formal and informal attire; try different colors; think pink with Jafferjees. Another bag that frequently forgoes the shoulder strap in favor of a clever, handled design is this one.

11- Hobo Bag

Nearly a century has passed since the hobo bag first appeared in the fashion industry. Its distinctive features include a huge bag with a wide central opening and handles that are created from the same material as the bag as a whole. Hobo bags have also evolved into haute couture, despite the fact that their name and slouchy design make them ideal for casual wear.


This bag’s slouchy silhouette is ideal for informal wear and stands out best in Bohemian fashion. Sometimes hobo bags are made to stand up straight, and they frequently dispense with the strap in favor of handles with a longer drop.

12- Tote Bag

There are tote bags almost everywhere. This is often one of the biggest handbag categories and is also known as a shopping bag, shopper bag or beach bag. These common bags are undoubtedly in at least one of your possessions.

They are utilized as supermarket bags, given out in cloth form as promotional giveaways, and even come in really pricey high fashion designs. But the tote bag wasn’t created into a popular fashion item by a high-end brand or a well-known couture designer.


A tote bag’s bottom will be level on the ground, and its sides will rise high. However, they do not need to be rigid. This kind of bag typically has a pair of extended handles so that it may be held in hand or over the shoulder.

This bag’s size typically limits it to more casual attire, although it frequently has the highest average capacity. Although leather tote bag designs are available, canvas totes appear to be widely available.

Final Note

Despite the fact that handbags are primarily functional, they can also be used as a fashion piece to complete or add interest to an ensemble. Don’t be hesitant to try out several possibilities to see what suits your demands in terms of lifestyle, personality, and situation.

We hope this blog was of some help in finding out the perfect handbag for you.