5 Apps That Are Designed For The Social Butterflies

58.4 percent. Smart Insights reveal that a staggering 58.4 percent of the world’s population uses social media apps! Another independent study by Hootsuite revealed that every second, 13.5 new users were added to the niche in 2021.

It is safe to say that social apps are quite the rage in the modern world. If you are a social butterfly, the chances are that you are already on the mainstream apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, and Facebook.

If you are tired of using the same old social apps, here are five cool apps that are likely to satisfy your socializing needs.

  1. AirG – Meet New Friends

Statista predicts that dating app users are likely to surpass 280 million in 2024. The immense demand for such apps explains why many friendship and dating apps are springing up.

One app that has managed to catch the attention of social butterflies (for the right reasons) is AirG – Meet New Friends. The social app has over 100 million users from across the globe. It allows you to find people on the basis of location, age, interest, and other similar metrics.

What sets it apart from solutions like Tinder is its chatroom feature. The app has various discussion groups that users can join and give their two cents on. You can then identify people you think you will get along with and talk to them on private chat as well.

Moreover, since this is just one of the many online solutions offered by AirG, users are given the liberty to integrate the social app with other AirG products like Big Barn World. Any AirG mobile app review will tell you how addictive the game is.

 The fact that it can be linked with social apps means that there is another way to break the ice with new people on the platform.

  • Netflix Party

Do your friends live in different cities or countries? Are you missing the fun you used to have when all of you got together? Let’s face it. Adulting is hard, especially if you were actively social growing up.

But, it turns out there are various apps out there that can keep you connected with your friends beyond merely talking or video chatting.

For starters, if you miss watching things together, you can download Netflix Party. This is an extension of the highly popular streaming app called Netflix.

Developed in 2015, this extension allows users to stream shows and movies with their friends virtually. So, both you and your friend can watch the same thing and discuss it all once you are done. This is bound to make the video chats afterward much more fun.

If you aren’t already using Netflix, you can use the one-month free trial version for your virtual movie nights and then decide if it is worth the money to buy a monthly plan.

  • Marco Polo

For those of you who have trouble pinning down your friends for a FaceTime or Skype session, you might want to give Marco Polo a try.

This app blends the features of Snapchat and FaceTime to deliver a video messaging solution. Here, every message you send must be in video form. But, unlike FaceTime, your friend doesn’t need to present on the other side. Hence, it is quite like the conventional text messaging experience.

Whether it be recording a long rant about your work woes or a quick update about your life, you can use Marco Polo to record messages as you please, and your friend can watch them and respond when they have time.

These messages do not get deleted; thereby, you can go back and listen to them to relive the experiences when you feel nostalgic!

  • Meetup

For social butterflies, no amount of friends is ever enough. Especially when you have eccentric tastes, for example, your current friends might like watching movies like you do but may not be a fan of bar hopping. Does that mean you limit yourself? Not if you have the right apps.

One excellent app to use is Meetup. Here, you can easily find people with similar interests as you. Some of the themes included in the meetup app are nature photographers, female programmers and dog owners, etc.

You can search the app according to interest or even by demographic to ensure that you end up with people close to your age. The simple interface of the app, along with a diverse user base, makes it an ideal solution for finding the right type of people for your adventures.

  • Pawdates

Being a dog owner can be hard if you are the only one in your group. This means that your doggo is always alone, and so are you as you take it out for walks! This might seem like a nightmare for social individuals, considering that a dog should be taken out on short walks three times a day.  

If you identify as the same, you would be better off by downloading Pawdates. This app is basically a social networking site for pet owners.

By using it, you can connect with other pet owners in your vicinity. You can set up play dates for your little pup while you get to converse with an adult with similar pet-related issues as you. So, for those of you who don’t like doing any task alone, including dog walking, transform it into a social outing via the app.

Ending Remarks

The ongoing pandemic has been cruel to everyone. But, for social butterflies specifically, the isolation periods have been very challenging.

Use each of these five apps to reconnect with old friends as well as find new ones. We are sure that once you find the right people, you will be able to forge friendships (and relationships) with immense ease.

Are there any other social and friendship apps that you swear by in 2022? Help our readers out by letting us know about them. Also, download the mentioned apps and leave your reviews about them as well.

Happy socializing!