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At present, the amount of mobile games available to download from google play store or apple store is amazing. It indicates that there is intense market rivalry, which forces gaming companies to take wiser and more creative business decisions. 

Big data and the gaming sector are inextricably interwoven. The ability to use that data to understand clients will provide businesses a significant advantage in the future. But achieving this comes with its own particular obstacles. There are some reliable operators like GammaStack available who offer different game types, monetization models, and interactive user segments to give the best gaming experience to the audience.  Some big data analytics can be performed in a following was:

Mobile gaming analytics KPI’s

To get the complete information about the success of your game is based on how many users are operating your game. KPIs depend upon the factors such as monthly acquired users, average revenue per user, or daily active users. The probability of a paid account is dependent upon the usage of your application by your players. The more your game application is used people will spend more and will refer your app to others. 

Additionally, there are other KPIs that can provide a chance to examine player interaction and behaviour in-game. Utilizing derived data from user behaviour buried in collected enormous data sets, games could be updated and improved. The user experience can be enhanced as a result, and gameplay time may be increased.

Track customer retention 

To retain your users in the market, it is important to acquire customers in the mobile gaming industry. It’s critical to recognise the users who will generate income. LTV analysis and customer turnover enter the picture at this point. You will be able to determine how long a specific user remains a client with the use of a customer retention report. Based on previous data points, machine learning can be used to predict which specific consumers are most likely to depart.

You can clearly discover how consumers have historically spent money while playing the game thanks to customer analysis. You could predict how long newly gained customers will spend playing your game in the future with the use of machine learning. It will assist you to capitalise on them more, concentrate just on probable buyers, cut marketing and advertising costs.

Customer engagement and user interface

Graphics and imaginative plotlines are still essential, and performance problems in particular can destroy user satisfaction and cause churn. But concentrating solely on these problems might not be sufficient in such a cutthroat environment. By investing in gaming AI analytics, games can get an advantage over their rivals by learning about user behaviours, likes, dislikes, seasonality influences, and even what motivates players to leave or return to a game after a break.

Measuring user engagement

Gaming firms like GammaStack use the aforementioned KPIs as well as retention, churn, and interaction analysis to gauge user engagement. In most cases mobile games have several degrees of difficulty and different players with distinct demographics and cohorts. Gaming companies may better monitor and track user behaviour during various game levels with the aid of self-service BI solutions, ensuring that the level in question is not too challenging for those consumers. When insights on gameplay and interactions are collected, game creators could alter individual stages so that gamers are not stopped anywhere and are going forward through the game.

At present there are various business intelligence tools available that can help your business in making better decisions and lead the market successfully. 

Final Thoughts

At present, mobile gaming with better data strategy can help businesses to grow in the market. It acquires more players and enhances the profitability of business. Those companies keep themselves ahead in a competitive market who follow appropriate analytics strategies. Above discussed are the benefits of using big-data analytics strategy to solve problems and collect user’s information. You can successfully implement data analytics strategy with proper market analysis and examine the industry problems.