Nautilus Shell Minecraft

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In Minecraft, players can find a wide variety of items that they can use to create and enhance their worlds. One of them is the Minecraft Nautilus Shell, with all its uses and how to obtain it.

Materials in Minecraft are the primary materials necessary to craft items, so they make up a significant part of the game.

Items are handy because they permit players to perform various tasks they wouldn’t be able to do with bare hands. Generally, these items can be found by digging, looting mobs & monsters, and also in the process of breaking things found in the Minecraft world. Here is all about the Nautilus Shell Minecraft and all you need to know about it.

Nautilus Shell Minecraft

Nautilus shells were introduced to Minecraft with the aquatic update. Typically found in the offhanded remains of drowned mobs or caught in a fishnet. Players who know where to look can find something like this that isn’t necessarily rare.

A drowned mob in Minecraft has a chance to drop these shells. Nevertheless, they are guaranteed to drop it if they’re seen holding the shell with their other hand. Like how a drowned person can carry them, players can also carry them off-hand.

It is possible to spot wandering traders either in their villages or where they have set up a home. There is a chance that wandering traders have nautilus shells in their inventory. They can be purchased for emeralds from wandering traders. They will, however, not always be available everywhere.

Once the player has collected enough shells, they can craft using them. The conduit is one of the items made from the nautilus shells. A conduit is a small item that lets players breathe underwater. The conduit will be able to do this after being set up inside new block rings. The player needs one heart of the sea and eight nautilus shells to make a conduit.

In Minecraft, the Nautilus Shell is a rare and valuable item that can be obtained by fishing in oceans or trading with wandering traders. The Nautilus Shell is used as a crafting ingredient to create a Trident, a powerful weapon, and tool for underwater combat and mobility. When thrown, the Trident can significantly damage enemies and be used as a means of transportation by allowing players to ride it back to the surface.

In addition to its combat and mobility uses, the Nautilus Shell is also a decorative item, with players often using it to decorate their homes or build in creative ways. With its unique appearance and useful properties, the Nautilus Shell has become a popular item among Minecraft players and a staple of the game’s underwater exploration and adventure.

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How Do Nautilus Shells Work in Minecraft? 

Hunt some drowned, especially if you have loot on your sword. My Fatigue III is the only level of mining fatigue that can be obtained without cheats.

Shells for nautilus can now be obtained by trading with wandering traders. Conductors can be activated by using pristine. It is rare to find nautilus shell Minecraft, and the chances of getting it are meager, less than 0.7%; it takes a long time for you to get it. These shells are used for crafting conduits. Shells from the Nautilus are necessary for crafting conduits.

How to Get Nautilus Shells Minecraft?

In Minecraft, a nautilus shell can be obtained in several different ways. Several methods can be used to find it, including fishing, killing drowned mobs, and buying it from wandering traders. Trading with wandering traders will fetch you emeralds. You can use these shells to make a conduit by using a crafting table and one heart of the sea.

Nautilus shells were added to Minecraft in the Aquatic update, and they can be obtained by farming drowned mobs or trading. Alternatively, you can catch them while fishing, but getting a Nautilus shell is slim. Mobs that have drowned in the game have a slight chance of dropping shells. The only way to get guaranteed drops is to hold off-hand shells when you kill drowned mobs. Holding Nautilus shells in your off-hand is similar to holding drowned enemies. 

The Nautilus shells can also be obtained by trading with wandering traders who set up near villages or in their homes. There is a chance that wandering traders will sell Nautilus shells, but you will need emeralds to buy them. 

How to find nautilus shell Minecraft?

In normal Minecraft mode, players can obtain them by one of the following methods:

  • Fishing: Fishing will lead the players to find a Nautilus Shell, but they are classified as Treasure Enchantments, which are extremely rare. Fishing rods can be enchanted with Luck of the Sea Enchantment to improve their performance.
  • Mob Drop: Drowned Zombies spawn with a Nautilus Shell every 3% of the time in Java and every 8% of the time in Bedrock. When the mob is killed, the shell drops.
  • Trading: Wandering traders have a slight chance of selling one for 5 Emeralds.
  • Chest Loot: Treasure Chests and Chests found underwater or in shipwrecks can contain a Nautilus Shell.

Uses of Nautilus shell Minecraft

Crafting with Nautilus shells can be done in many ways, with conduits being the most commonly crafted item. Underwater exploration is impossible without a conduit that allows you to breathe underwater. The only thing you need to do is create conduits and place them inside Prismerine block rings. You will need eight Nautilus shells and one heart of the sea to create a conduit.

The conduits allow players to survive underwater, but they also provide night vision. In general, the more Prismerine blocks you add, the wider the impact of their effect will be.

Additionally, conduits damage hostile mobs within an 8-block radius surrounding them. Whether they are activated or not, when placed underwater, they emit light. Their light level is 15, which is the highest in the game.

Uses of Nautilus shell Minecraft

Currently, the Nautilus Shell has only one use in the game, but it would be great to make more of them. To craft a conduit in Minecraft, you need a Nautilus Shell.

Typically, a conduit is an underwater structure that gives excellent buffs to players across a wide area. Underwater breathing, moving faster, and dangerous, hostile mobs are examples.

About eight Nautilus Shells and one Heart of the Sea are needed to craft a Conduit.

Why is the Nautilus Shell so important in Minecraft?

Symbolizing nature’s inner beauty, the Nautilus Shell represents life and harmony. Symbolically, the chambers of nautilus shells represent the phases of life that every individual experiences. Spirals themselves symbolize creativity, motion, smoothness, and development.

Water comes into and leaves the living room through the nautilus’s jet propulsion so that it can swim. Water in the chamber extracts salt from the siphuncle, then transports it to the bloodstream. Nautilus Shells are extremely popular among collectors.


It is possible to find a nautilus shell in Minecraft in various ways. The item can be found by fishing, slaughtering drowned mobs, and purchasing it from wandering traders. They can be bought for emeralds from wandering traders. Using a crafting table, these shells can be combined with one heart of the sea to make a conduit.

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