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Collar: What Is It?


The collar is the part of a garment that covers the neck, such as a shirt or dress. The scarf’s purpose is to cover and protect the neck from cold and dirt. Nowadays, most garments serve only aesthetic purposes rather than practical purposes.

We can use them to make ourselves look thinner, sweeter, and more formal by highlighting the face or framing the neck with them.

A collar is a fabric or material worn around the neck as part of a garment or accessory. The term “collar” can refer to many types of neckwear, including shirts, coats, dresses, and even pet collars. Each type of collar serves a different purpose and can add a unique touch of style to an outfit.

For example, the classic white dress shirt collar is a staple in formal wear, while a shawl collar on a sweater provides a cozy, casual look. In fashion, collars can also be used to make a statement and add a pop of color or pattern to an outfit. Collars can be made from various materials, including cotton, silk, leather, and more, and their design can range from simple and understated to elaborately embellished.

Types of Collar

Collars are classified primarily by the way the collar stand is used. Once we examine the collar stand in more detail, we’ll understand what classification the collar stands fit into. 

Collars can be attached permanently or detached from the main body of the dress. Let’s look at the different types of collars and their names.

1.     Ankle collars.

These are the basic collars on shirts. Straight collars are the most common type of informal collar setting. An ordinary collar is a necktie with a straight line in the middle. The British popularized this style of the collar in the early 20th century.

Straight collars typically go with suits or tuxedos and can also be worn with casual clothes and business casual wear. This style is typically paired with black accessories, such as suspenders, dress shoes, and pocket squares.

Straight collars have been commonly associated with conservative men throughout history, including paintings by Leonardo da Vinci and Gustave Doré.

2.     The Peter Pan Collars.

The edges of these collars are rounded. These collars are mostly worn on semi-formal occasions. Button-up blouses are usually worn with the collar on top.

Collars with Peter Pan themes are popular with those who wish to demonstrate their playful side. As an alternative to traditional baby and toddler collars, parents often use Peter Pan Collars. Parents also use them to accessorize their children’s clothing.

A plastic hook is attached to the collar to be attached to the child’s clothing. The collar is then attached to the child’s neck. It is possible to remove the hooks without leaving any marks on the neck.

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3.     Removable collars

Detachable collars are attached by stitching rather than a permanent part of the garment. You can use the collar on different garments with separate detachable collars. They come in different collar styles with vibrant colors to boost your overall appearance.

Collars that can be detached from shirts are known as detachable collars. These can be used for various purposes, including when you want to wear a dress or take off your shirt without having to undo the collar.

Detachable collars are a fashion trend that has become increasingly popular in the past few years. Various materials are used to make them, including silk, satin, lace, and even leather.

Dog collars that can be detached have been around quite a while. However, in recent years, they have gained more popularity since they can be worn with different outfits and for different occasions.

4.     Turtleneck Collars

A turtleneck collar is a high collar that sits on the neck. This collar is typically scrunched or rolled down under the neck.

In fashion, turtlenecks are typically worn under sweaters, usually made of wool. Other materials such as cashmere or cotton can also be used.

Turtleneck collars are traditionally associated with winter clothing. In the early 20th century, they were popularized by American actor Douglas Fairbanks Sr., who wore them to stay warm while filming his movies in cold weather.

Turtleneck collars have become popular among celebrities today, including Justin Bieber and Rihanna, who have worn collars in the past for their style statement.

5.     A Sailor Collar

Sailor collars are popular due to their double square panel and middle V-neck appeal. A sailor collar is a type of neckwear that became popular in the 19th century. Sailors and other seafarers found them easy to wear and take off, famous.

6.     Protestant Collar

A Puritan Collar is a type of collar that has been used since the early 1800s. Initially, it was used to keep the wearer’s neck clean and covered, but it has become an accessory to symbolize moral purity over time.

Puritan Collar symbolizes purity and virtue, and its use has evolved. It has become more popular with the rise of religious movements such as Christian fundamentalism, Islam phobia, and even Scientology.

When people want to conceal their identities or keep their religion a secret, the Puritan Collar can serve as a tool.

7.     Mandarin collars.

Chinese collars are known for their standing charm, and these collars are Chinese-inspired. The front of a mandarin collar might be square or curved, giving the shirt a structured fit.

The Mandarin collar is a popular type of collar among Chinese people. Silk Mandarin collars are decorated with intricate patterns.

Since the Ming Dynasty, the Mandarin collar has been a famous men’s fashion accessory in China. In the British Empire, it became popular with western men as well. In terms of collars on dresses, mandarin collars are the most common. This is a women’s shirt dress with a mandarin collar.

8.     Rolling collars

A portion of these collars stands upright at the edges of the neck, with the rest folding downward. The rolled collar is similar to rolling the collar line, hence the name.

Rolling your collar is a fashion trend that has been around for a long time. Initially worn by the aristocracy, they remained popular among the rich until recently. People are now wearing this trend because it is easy to style and can be worn with various outfits.

On one side of the collar, the everyday rolled collar is turned up, and on the other, the collar remains straight. In addition to adding lace or ribbons, the rolled collar may be left plain or left plain.

9.     The Flat Collars          

Collars like these fall flat against the dress around the neckline and appear plain. No collar stand will be provided. They will therefore fall onto the shoulders. Alternatively, you can accessorize with a statement neckpiece.

There are several types of flat collars, and they are most commonly made of cotton, linen, or silk. There are no folds or creases on these garments, and men usually wear them.

The flat collar is the type of collar commonly seen from the 1800s to the present day. It is composed of one piece of cloth with no folds or creases. Traditionally, this type of collar was worn by men and has remained popular.

A flat-fronted shirt is a type of clothing that does not have folds or wrinkles and is sewn together with one piece of fabric instead of a button-fronted shirt, which has two pieces sewn together.

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