Andrea Brillantes Age

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Andrea Brillantes is a stunning Filipina born on 12th March 2003 in Taytay, Rizal, Philippines. The star of the millennial generation made her debut in 2010 and hasn’t looked back since. Over the years, she has worked on dozens of acting gigs and received high praise from fans and viewers. The impressive performances she gives make her stand out from the crowd. She is considered among the most successful actresses as she is capable of winning the hearts of many people. In addition to being an actress, she is also a recording artist. 

Originally from Mexico, she is the daughter of Andrew Blythe and Daguio Gorostiza. She is best known for starring in the television series Annaliza. Her identity also came through the portrayal of Marga Bartolome in the film Kadenang Ginto. As well as films, she starred in several television shows, including one of the best series of all time, E-Boy, and another one, Alyna. In this guide, you will learn about Andrea Brillantes’s age, early life, career, etc.

Andrea Brillantes Age

Andrea Brillantes, a 17-year-old from Italy, celebrates her birthday every year on the 12th of March. Having been born in 2003, she belongs to the constellation family of Pisces. Growing up, she was under the wingspan of Mr. Byron Gorostiza and Mrs. Mabel Gorostiza. Andrea and her two older sisters and one older brother were raised in Rizal, Philippines, by her loving parents. People often comment on Andrea’s aesthetic similarity with her sister Aan, and some have even compared them to twins. Despite their resemblance, they are very different in age.

Physical Appearances 

One of the most frequently searched topics on the internet is the Philippines star’s physique. She stands at an average height of 5 feet 4 inches. She weighs approximately 50 kilograms. She is still in her teens, so she has a few more years to reach her physical potential fully. Besides her facial features, we know that she is an actress with acting skills on par with her external beauty. 

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The family still lives in the Philippines and has a close-knit relationship among its members. The parents are incredibly proud of their daughter for her accomplishment. Despite Andrea’s busy schedule, she is very close to her siblings, sharing a warm bond. Her sister Kayla Aan Daguio Gorostiza, also known as Aan, is incredibly close to her. Besides that, finding the star’s family details is challenging. Her parents do not regret their daughter’s career choices, just as we know theirs.

Professional Career

Through a television children’s comedy show called ‘Goin’ Bulilit,’ Andrea Brillantes debuted. Moreover, she appeared in the ABS-CBN drama series called ‘Alyna’ between 2010 and 2011, portraying the role of Sofia Alvar, the long-lost daughter of Alyna (Shaina Magdayao). After that, she starred in ‘E-Boy’ as Princess, a boyish girl who believes strongly in fairytales. Her appearances in many hit films and television series have also made appearances on Wansapanataym and other TV shows from TV5.

Andrea Brillantes won another award for her heart-warming performance in the 2013 drama series Annaliza. She played the role of Annaliza in the series, a girl who suffered trouble because of her foster parents. Furthermore, she has done numerous acting projects for which she has achieved success and fame during her career. Hence, her career is an inspiration to a lot of aspiring actors.

In 2018, she starred as Marga, an antagonist in the popular afternoon drama series Kadenang Ginto’. After giving an excellent performance, she gained much appreciation and love from the audience. She has undoubtedly given her best to Hollywood cinema.

Social media appearances

Andera is a simple girl who wants to be successful in her career. She likes to connect with fans through social media when she is away from the camera. Some of her social media accounts include Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. A total of 8.1 million fans follow her on Instagram, where she has posted 3,625 times. She lists her endorsements as Careline, Apartment8, BUM Jeans, Brilliant Skin, and Asvel. In addition, she has 474.9 thousand Twitter followers.

Social media appearances

Those interested in viewing Andrea’s daily activities on video can subscribe to her 2.4 million-subscriber Youtube channel. Her channel is constantly updated with tutorial videos, TikTok compilations, and vlogs. Check out Andrea’s channel to keep up with her daily dose of videos.

Personal life

The lovely and pleasant appearance of Brillante captivates everyone. She, on the other hand, has already found the love of her life and is not interested in dating.

The year 2020 will mark the start of Brilliant’s relationship with Filipino actor and model Seth Feelin. The couple enjoys spending time together and is madly in love. Their Instagram pages are full of posts about their feelings for each other.

Feelin and Brillante have known each other for a long time, but they only started dating in May. On May 7, 2020, Fedelin, her boyfriend, published a snapshot of the two and wished her a happy anniversary.

Andrea’s Net Worth, Movies, and Vlogs

The journey to stardom started when Andrea was seven years old. The girl quickly focused her interests on what was aligned with her passion. First, she appeared in a TV commercial, and then, she made her first television appearance with Goin’ Bulilit. Known for its hilarious presentations, the show is popular with young children. This exposure to cinema led to several more opportunities for the budding actress. Eventually, she contributed to some ABS-CBN drama series. 

She made her breakthrough in 2010 with the drama series Alyana, where she was one of the most popular actors. The character she portrayed in the show was the missing daughter of Sofia Alvaro’s protagonist.

By establishing such a strong base, young Brillantes firmly established herself in front of the camera. A role as a princess gave the girl a chance to showcase her acting skills in 2012. Describe how this role increased her flexibility. Well, the character was a boy-like girl who believed in fairytales. The show revolved around the concept of science fiction fantasy.

Also, in 2013, she got chosen to play a role that added an extra star to her resume. The role of Annaliza was a proper performance that she mastered. This was the first time she was the main character of a series. Throughout the series, the character Annaliza grew both personally and stylistically as she separated from her real family.


Throughout her film career, Andrea Brillantes has won many awards, nominations, and honors on various film occasions. The Best Young Actress award for the film ‘Banal’ at the 7th Urduja Heritage Film Awards (2020) is notable among many significant achievements.

Interesting facts about Andrea Brillantes

Andrea Brillantes is a Filipina actress who has gained popularity for her roles in various TV dramas and movies. Here are some unique facts about her:

  • Early Start: Andrea began acting at a young age and was discovered through a talent search when she was just 11 years old.
  • Multi-talented: Besides acting, Andrea is also a talented dancer and singer. She has performed in various events and shows and has even released her music.
  • Social Media Star: Andrea has a large following on social media and is known for engaging and entertaining posts. She frequently interacts with the fans and shares glimpses of her personal life with them.
  • Philanthropist: Despite her young age, Andrea is known for her charitable work and has been involved in various initiatives to help those in need.
  • Rising Star: With her talent, beauty, and charismatic personality, Andrea is considered one of the Philippines’ most promising young stars. She has received critical acclaim for acting and is regarded as a role model by many young fans.

These unique facts showcase the versatility and appeal of Andrea Brillantes and her ability to captivate audiences across different mediums.

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