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When everyday life’s drudgery bores us, traveling is what rejuvenates our hearts and soul. Away from the humdrum of daily monotony, we seek a respite in traveling. Out of all the beautiful places you can visit in India, from the snow-capped Himalayas to the serene places in Kochi, Bangalore can be a great travel destination!  

Whether you plan to drop in at the Breakout mystery rooms in Bangalore or soak in the place’s natural beauty, there is much to quench the thirst of every travel monger! Come along with us as we check out the five best sites that you can visit in Bangalore:  

1. The Breakout Escape Rooms

Ever tried-out escape room games before? This mystery room Bangalore/Breakout offers movie-styled escape room adventures in Bangalore for players to enjoy. Everyone from youngsters to adults will enjoy playing the escape room games at Breakout! You can fill in the empty afternoons in your trip itinerary by visiting the escape rooms. Here are some of the details of the venue: 

  • Located close to the Sri Raghavendra Matha.
  • It offers several themed escape room games for you to choose from 
  • You can host your private events at this facility 
  • It offers a particular game for kids titled “Enchanted Forest.”  

2. Bangalore Palace 


Bangalore Palace is a site of immense historical richness that will take you on a journey back to the ancient glory of this place. Built-in 1887 by King Chamaraja Wadiyar, the palace proudly boasts its beautifully embellished walls. The Bangalore Palace has withstood the test of time and stands today as a critical symbol of one of the most poignant dynasties that ever ruled the country.  

You can look at the attractive architecture of the place that oozes a powerful blend of the English Tudor style with the Scottish Gothic style. Here are some crucial details of this historical site: 

  • You can listen to a resourceful audio guide while roaming around the palace 
  • The palace houses the beautiful paintings of the great Raja Ravi Verma 
  • The site is near the Nehru Planetarium  

3. Tipu Sultan Summer Palace 

Roaming inside the enchanting Bangalore Palace, do not forget to check out the equally impressive Summer Palace of Tipu Sultan. Popularly known as “Rash-e-Jannat” or the “envy of heaven,” you will soon understand how the place does justice to its name! On the walls of this beautiful palace, you can find an enriching coherence of Indian and Islamic architecture.  

From the engravings on the walls to the intricate motifs or even the charming balconies, the Summer Palace is enough to make your jaw drop! Here are some vital details about this place: 

  • You can find a small museum located inside the palace that houses several beautiful pictures for visitors to check out 
  • The site is near the Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple   

4. Cubbon Park    


After engrossing yourself in the rich history of Bangalore, what do you think about finding your solace in the lap of nature? Welcome to Cubbon Park, where lush greenery will cleanse your soul. The park is a delight for every nature lover out there! The silvery oak trees and the enchanting Gulmohars will make you feel like you are one with nature.  

Some details of this place are as follows: 

  • The site is near the Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technical Center 
  • On Sundays, the park plays host to a fantastic dog show 
  • You can spot numerous statues of great personalities like Queen Victoria, King Edward VII, and others spread all across the park   

5. Flight 4 Fantasy  

Flight 4 Fantasy brings to reality the deep desire to fly a plane of every ordinary individual. Here, you can experience the realistic feel of virtually flying an airplane. It is a venue that welcomes both tourists and locals alike. The authentic stimulations offered by this place will give you the life-like feeling of sitting inside an airplane and making it fly virtually! 

Here are some details of this place: 

  • You must see the Boeing 737 and the Fighter Jet housed inside the venue 
  • You can also spot several other airplanes stationed in the facility 


Bangalore offers every visitor a broad spectrum of unique and enchanting places. From its lush greenery to the enriching historical sites to even the fun activities, there are so many things to do in Bangalore!