Choosing Major Subjects

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When it comes to getting admission to universities the first question that comes to students’ minds is “what to study?”  With so many disciplines and fields offered by different universities, it is very stressful to decide what you want to graduate in. Choosing a major is not just a matter of a degree, it has to decide your whole future, your job, post-graduation, your career and many more. It is very important to have complete knowledge before making any hard decision. Here are the five main questions which every student should ask before deciding major.

When Should One Decide About Majors?

Policies for selecting majors vary from one university to another. Many universities offer majors after the second or third semester and some other universities require students to select majors in the last year. Whether universities are offering majors at the start or end of the program, it is very necessary for students to pre-plan about the majors. When you are getting enrolled in a university in a specific discipline, you must know which majors are offered by this university. For example, the Management Sciences department of a university is offering only three options for majors i.e. marketing, finance and human resource management.

If you have already decided to select finance as your major and plan to specialize in the field of Finance Management then it will be easy for you to decide about taking admission to this university, and if you want Supply-chain Management as your major then you will definitely refuse to take admission in this university and look for the universities offering Supply Chain Management as majors. But if you take admitted to the university without deciding about your majors and at the time of selecting majors your desired subject is not offered by the department then at that stage you will be in a difficult situation. As you will not be in a position to change the university and waste your money and time and despite having no interest you have to choose between the majors offered by the university.

What Is Your Dream?

When it’s time to plan what to study, it is very crucial to choose a major you are very zealous about. Take time and ask yourself about your life goals and dreams. What do you want to become? Where do you want to be in the next five years? How a major is linked with your career goals and options? Do you have any interest in this major? For example, you don’t like mathematics but choose applied mathematics as your major because your mother is a lecturer and thinks this subject has more demand and scope in the field of education. Instead of following what others say, it’s better to ask and listen to yourself. Doing a thing or studying a subject with a lack of interest is fruitless.

What Does This Major Require?

Before selecting a major, search deeply to know each major embroil. Some majors involve more practical study, science or computer labs. Some programs are based on theoretical and literature studies only. You should check about the requirements that suit you and you are comfortable with them. For example, you want to choose networking and programming as your majors for a bachelor in Computer Science, but at the same time, you are very weak in mathematics. So you should know that every program offered by universities for Computer science studies contains Calculus as a compulsory course. It is better to carefully read the course description and requirements given on universities’ websites, brochures and flyers.

Does This Major Fit My Career Goals?

Ask yourself what you want to become in future. Search for the market scope. See newspaper and other recruitment agencies’ websites for checking job requirements in the market. This will exactly tell you about the demand in the market. For instance, if you want to be an accountant in future, then you should check what the requirement of the organization for hiring an accountant is or which degree is mostly preferred by the organization. Do organizations demand more from an individual holding a degree in Accounting and Finance or do they want a Chartered Accountant?

How to Learn More?

Take guidance and suggestions from your parents and teachers. Ask students who are currently enrolled in university, for getting firsthand information. There are many counselling agencies that offer their services to choose our subjects according to your career goals.

The Bottom Line:

Consider all options before making any final decision. Don’t choose those subjects in which you lack interest. For example, if you want to become a businessman, then it is not necessary to choose business administration studies as your major. There are many living examples of world-renowned businessmen with degrees in engineering and subjects other than business. Always keep in mind that the real world is somehow different from what you learn in university. Do detailed and deep research before making a final decision. Choose the majors that suit your aptitude and abilities and have an interest in them.

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