6 Helpful Tips for First-Time Flyers

As much fun as road trips are, you can often save time and money when you take a flight instead. Airlines fly to destinations around the world and make it easy for you to get to your favorite city.

Though some people fly a few times a month, others are a little too scared to take regular flights. Many people have never flown before, too. If you’re a first-time flyer and worry about what might happen when you get on the plane, check out some helpful tips for your trip.

Arrive Early

In the days before 9/11, it was common for flyers to arrive less than an hour before their flights and have no problems. With the tighter security procedures used today, you want to get there as soon as possible.

The counters usually open up to four hours before your flight departs. You can check in before other passengers and have some time for yourself. Make sure that you give yourself time to handle any delays you might find such as traffic on the way to the airport or a long line of passengers at the counter, too.

Wear the Right Clothing

The days of dressing up for a flight are long gone, but that doesn’t mean you can wear anything you want. If this is your first flight, the chances are good that you’re a little nervous and even scared. The right clothing will help you feel relaxed, even if you need to spend hours on the plane. Consider clothing that fits loosely and won’t impede your movements. You never know when a delay might have your plane sitting on the tarmac for hours.

Take a Carry-On

You need to bring a carry-on bag and pack it properly. Any luggage that you check with the airline will go under the plane. There’s always a risk that your bags won’t make it on the plane. Carry-on bags are much smaller and can fit in an overhead compartment. You might consider bringing a backpack instead of a carry-on bag. As long as it fits under the seat in front of you, you don’t need to worry about checking it if the flight runs out of room.

Know Your Bags

As a first-time flyer, you may not realize that the airline has rules about what you can bring with you. Airports today do not allow you to travel with scissors or other sharp objects in your carry-on bags. You cannot bring bottles of water and other liquids that are too big either. Call the airline ahead of time to see if there are rules about bag sizes and how much each one can weigh. This will help you avoid excess baggage fees at the airport.

Stay Comfy

Whether you take a flight with a major airline or book a private jet charter to New Jersey, you need to stay comfy and relaxed.

A travel pillow helps you get in the perfect position for napping or sitting. Bringing a sleep mask helps you block out the lights around you. Consider using that mask with earbuds to watch movies or listen to music on your phone. In addition to charging your phone before the flight, bring an extra charger with you to keep it charged.

Consider Snacks

In the old days, most flights offered full meals for passengers. You’re lucky if your flight today comes with a free snack. That is why you should bring some snacks from home. Salty snacks are the best because the cabin pressure and other flight conditions make it harder for you to taste other flavors. Potato chips and pretzels come in handy for flights. If you book a longer trip, feel free to pack a full meal and some snacks. Fresh fruits and string cheese are easy to carry and safe to bring on the plane.


As excited as you are about your first trip on an airplane, you’re likely a little worried and even scared. Flying is a safe form of travel and can cut the length of your trip in half.

Using the right tips can keep you calm and relaxed in the days leading up to your trip and during the flight.

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