water purifier

Good quality water purifiers come at a price – an established brand like Cuckoo RO water purifier is located at the higher end of the price ladder.

To explore the price range of this product, type ‘LG water purifiers’ in the search bar and check the results. Regardless of the cost, what is more important is to maintain the functionality of the water purifier, since it can directly impact your health.

Discussed as follows are seven ways that can make your water purifier last longer –

Regular cleaning

Keeping your water purifier clean is one of the surest ways of making them last longer. Water purifiers consist of in-built filters that get rid of impurities found in the tap-water. In this way, this device provides you with clean drinkable water.

If left unclean for a while, the impurities build up and interfere with the cleaning operations. Some water purifiers come with a manual that shows you how to clean and also indicates how frequently you need to clean.

Use of a piece of cloth to filter water

If the tap water contains too many impurities, you can pre-filter it using a piece of cloth before channeling it into a water purifier. In this way, you can prevent blockage from excess impurities and extend the life of your water purifier.

Frequent changing of filters

Every brand of water purifier comes with its own set of filters, some common options being pool filters, sediment filters, carbon filters and so on. All these require to be replaced frequently for your water purifier to continue working well. 

There is a guideline that is followed when replacing the filters in brands such as Cuckoo RO water purifier. It cannot be done too soon unless there is a fault. On the other hand, when left for too long, they can cause other issues which reduce the lifespan of your purifier. In some cases leaving a filter for a long time without changing it may compromise the quality of the output.

Filters can be changed after a few weeks or a month, when it no longer produce clean water, the water does not flow easily or the output has a weird smell.

Allow the water to settle

Tap water sometimes has particles in it that can block filters. To avoid this, always allow the incoming water to settle before using it. When your filter counters frequent blocking, it can sustain damage and may not last long.

Safe storage

How you store the water purifier has a lot to do with whether or not they will last longer. Always keep your water purifier in a spot where it remains safe. After cleaning the appliance, leave it to dry naturally away from the sun, and then store it in a spot which is out of children’s reach. Ensure that there nothing falls on it or causes it to break.

Only filter what you need

Every piece of equipment has a maximum and minimum capacity that it can handle, and a water purifier is no exception. To enable your water purifier to have a longer lifespan, do not exceed the upper limit. It is recommended that you only filter the optimal quantity.

Replace old parts with new ones when necessary

The importance of maintenance cannot be stressed enough. Any faulty part of the water purifier should be replaced on a priority. Continued use of a faulty water purifier may cause further damage and cause it to break down completely. That is why to ensure that the water purifier lasts longer, you need to keep checking and replacing faulty parts as soon as possible.

Final thoughts

With the current economic crunch and the pandemic, you must avoid taking a risk as far as your Cuckoo RO water purifier is concerned. The objective should be to take care of the one that you have, and ensure that you enjoy its goodness for a longer time.

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