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Last Updated on January 15, 2023 by Salman Khan

E-signatures, which serve as evidence of a person’s agreement to a contract, are not brand-new. They have long been widely accepted and used in several nations across the world. Electronic document signatures are convenient for more than a billion consumers globally. But are digital signatures permitted?

We’ll discuss whether electronic signatures are legally enforceable or not, if they’re approved across the world, whether there are any exclusions, what precisely an e-signature is, and other topics in this new article.

What are electronic signatures?

With the use of e-signatures, we may sign legal contracts digitally without having to print anything out or take out a pen. They are more practical than that of a usual signature since they may be used to remotely sign papers, making the recipient’s location unimportant and producing results almost instantly, saving time and expense. In exchange, it’s simple to understand why e-signatures have developed into a need for many small firms.

Are electronic signatures legal to use?

The simplest explanation is that indeed, electronic signatures are legal. But the main issue here is whether any e-signature can result in a legally valid and enforceable contract. Again, the quick response is yes. In the modern era, electronic signatures are extensively used and accepted. They are also much more secure and reliable than conventional paper-based signatures, making them less vulnerable to fabrication.

What makes electronic signatures better?

Compared to their ink-based predecessors, electronic signatures are better. They are immediate, portable, legally enforceable, and they lessen our environmental impact. They are frequently supported by technology that guarantees the signature’s authenticity.


By removing waiting times from the process, electronic signatures speed up approvals and agreements. You may sign documents electronically without waiting for the email or driving to the post office. You can go to the following stage as soon as you electronically sign a piece of paper.


Contrary to common assumption, e-signatures have been recognised as genuine legal documents in India for more than 18 years according to the Information Technology Act (IT Act), which was passed in 2000 and gives them the same standing as handwritten signatures.

For the United States, (ESIGN) Act, approved by the U.S. federal government in 2000, along with the (UETA) Uniform Electronic Transactions Act, establishes that electronic signatures, if used by all parties, become legally enforceable documents.

This means that electronic signatures are legal across the world.


It is also time-consuming and frustrating to have to print, scan, and fax documents only to create an electronic signature. Additionally, it harms the ecosystem. The more appliances you buy, the bigger your carbon footprint will be altogether. The more gadgets you can eliminate from the process, the more environmentally friendly your workflow will be. The same is true for those trees that must be felled so that you can print your physical copies of papers on paper.

Here’s why you should use electronic signatures.

These solutions provide several efficiency and financial advantages over their conventional counterparts, similar to several digital alternatives and in-person operations. Speed is one of these advantages that is most obvious.

You can sign papers electronically without printing them out or going anywhere to do it. Although initially little, these savings pile up to significant advancements.

Additionally, e-signatures enable remote signing, which can speed up and simplify legal procedures. By eliminating expensive paper expenses that would accrue over the period of publishing several lengthy contracts, going paperless will also result in financial savings. Because it’s simpler to make backup copies, it could also be safer under the appropriate circumstances.

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