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The YES Premia credit card emerges as a compelling choice for individuals seeking a feature-rich and rewarding credit card experience. With its array of benefits and personalised services, the YES Premia credit card caters to the needs and aspirations of the discerning Indian customer. The YES Premia credit card is designed to provide an unparalleled credit card experience, catering to the unique requirements and preferences of individuals. 

With its wide range of benefits, exceptional rewards program, and customer-centric approach, the YES Premia credit card has become a preferred choice for those seeking a credit card that offers both financial convenience and a touch of luxury. Explored here are the numerous advantages of opting for the YES Premia credit card. 

Top benefits of opting for the YES Premia credit card

Robust rewards program

This YES bank credit card offers a robust rewards program, allowing cardholders to earn reward points on every transaction, both domestically and internationally.

Welcome benefits

Cardholders are greeted with attractive welcome benefits, such as bonus reward points or vouchers, making it a rewarding choice from the start.

Milestone rewards

The YES Premia credit card provides additional rewards and bonuses when certain spending milestones are achieved, incentivising cardholders to maximise their usage.

Lifestyle privileges

Enjoy exclusive lifestyle privileges, including discounts on dining, shopping, entertainment, and wellness services at select partner outlets across India.

Airport lounge access

The YES Premia credit card grants complimentary access to select airport lounges, providing a comfortable and luxurious travel experience.

Fuel surcharge waiver

Cardholders can enjoy a fuel surcharge waiver at designated fuel stations, reducing the cost of fuel purchases.

Complimentary golf access

The YES Premia credit card offers complimentary golf access at premier golf courses in India, catering to the needs of golf enthusiasts.

Concierge services

Avail of personalised concierge services that cater to your travel bookings, hotel reservations, dining reservations, and more.

Travel insurance coverage

The YES Premia credit card provides complimentary travel insurance coverage, ensuring peace of mind during domestic and international trips.

EMI conversion

Convert high-value purchases into convenient EMIs to manage expenses effectively and budget payments over a specific period.

Contactless payments

The YES Premia credit card supports contactless payments, allowing for quick and secure transactions with just a tap.

Worldwide acceptance

Enjoy the convenience of YES Premia credit card’s global acceptance, enabling its usage at millions of merchants worldwide.

Dining privileges

Experience exclusive dining privileges, such as discounts, complimentary meals, or special offers, at partner restaurants across India.

Cashback offers

The YES Premia credit card offers attractive cashback rewards on various categories, including groceries, fuel, utility bill payments, and more.

Entertainment benefits

Access exclusive discounts, offers, and priority bookings for movies, concerts, and other entertainment events.

Online shopping benefits

Enjoy special discounts, cashback, or exclusive offers when shopping online with YES Premia credit card’s partner e-commerce platforms.

Credit limit enhancement

Based on your spending patterns and creditworthiness, YES Premia credit card provides opportunities to enhance your credit limit.

Supplementary cards

Share the benefits of your YES Premia credit card by getting supplementary cards for family members, providing a connected spending experience.

Interest-free period

The YES Premia credit card offers an interest-free period, allowing you to make purchases and repay the outstanding amount within the due date without incurring any interest charges.

Balance transfer facility

Consolidate your outstanding balances from other credit cards onto your YES Premia Credit Card and enjoy lower interest rates and simplified payment management.

Online account management

Access a user-friendly online portal and mobile application to conveniently manage your card, view transactions, and pay bills anytime, anywhere.

Personal loan on credit card

The YES Premia credit card provides the facility of a personal loan, offering instant access to funds in times of financial need.

Dedicated customer support

Benefit from dedicated customer support services, ensuring prompt resolution of queries, concerns, or assistance with card-related matters.

Credit score monitoring

The YES Premia credit card enables you to track your credit score regularly, empowering you to maintain a healthy credit profile.

Exclusive offers and discounts

Receive exclusive offers, discounts, or promotions on a wide range of lifestyle, travel, and retail brands.

Insurance coverage

The YES Premia credit card extends insurance coverage for various aspects, such as lost baggage, purchase protection, and more.

Customised payment due date

Flexibility to choose your preferred payment due date according to your convenience and financial planning.

Foreign currency markup fee

The YES Premia credit card has a competitive foreign currency markup fee, making it advantageous for international travellers.

Reward point expiry

Enjoy a longer expiry period for reward points, allowing you ample time to accumulate and redeem them for desirable rewards.

The YES bank loyalty program

The YES Premia credit card is part of the YES Bank Loyalty Program, offering additional benefits, privileges, and personalised services to its loyal customers.


In conclusion, the YES Premia credit card stands out as an exceptional choice when compared to other credit cards available in the Indian market. With its robust rewards program, welcome benefits, milestone rewards, and exclusive lifestyle privileges, it offers a plethora of advantages for cardholders. From airport lounge access to fuel surcharge waivers, and complimentary golf access to concierge services, the YES Premia credit card caters to the diverse needs and preferences of customers. Its global acceptance, convenient EMI conversion, and contactless payment capabilities further enhance its appeal. Additionally, the card’s dedicated customer support, credit score monitoring, and attractive insurance coverage contribute to a seamless and secure credit card experience.

Opting for the YES Premia credit card not only unlocks a world of benefits and rewards but also signifies a commitment to personalised financial management. With its extensive suite of features, the YES Premia credit card empowers individuals to enjoy a superior lifestyle, make their everyday transactions more rewarding, and access a range of exclusive privileges. Whether it’s shopping, travel, dining, or entertainment, the YES Premia credit card offers a holistic solution that combines convenience, flexibility, and value.